How To Celebrate Christmas – Most Fun Ideas & Activities

As the leaves of the trees have started falling and streets are full of crunched leaves on the floor and breeze has started getting colder, we know that Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas is the event that we wait for a whole year just because everything is so lit up and everything looks so pretty. When we were little kids, we used to love Christmas but as we grew older, the excitements faint with each passing year and we even stop believing in Santa Claus. And this happens because there is hardly anything new and we just keep on repeating the same activities. If you are dealing with the same issues, we have got some new ideas for you. We are saying this because we have added How To Celebrate Christmas – Most Fun Ideas & Activities in this article.

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Skip The Gifts

Not everyone can afford a lot of money to be spent on Christmas gifts so why not skip them altogether? You can go for alternate options such as chipping all the money together to go out for a movie or the restaurant that you have been eyeing on for years. This is a sort of self-gifting which we all should do to treat ourselves. You can easily share this idea with your family. This is just like spending on your own and treats yourself after a whole year of headwork and endless working

Go Cultural

There is not one culture in this huge world and every other corner of the world has different cultures when it comes to celebrating the Christmas. There are funny traditions and some of them might sound weird but one thing is for sure; they show true colours of the Christmas. So, what you can do is choose one country which you like the bets, research on their Christmas culture and send your Christmas in that theme. You must also decorate your home according to the culture and implement new traditions. You can also prepare the meals of those cultures to change things a little

Choose Change For the Main Course

If you ever ask someone what they are cooking for the Christmas dinner, the most common answers include turkey, ham, or goose and well, these seem to be the only thing we eat every year on Christmas but there are no hard and fast rules, right? You can easily change the menu if you seem fit. There is a wide range of other cultures in the world and how they celebrate Christmas and what’s on their menu, so, you can adopt those and change your dinner table component. Some options include Czech vánoční rybí polévka (Christmas fish soup), Danish aebleskiver (round pancakes), German christstollen (cake with dried fruit and marzipan), Polish Makowiec (poppy seed roll)

Handmade Gifts Are The Sweetest

In many countries, a handmade gift is also known as the gift of thoughts because well, it takes a lot of thinking to make them. The main idea is to ditch those shop-made gifts and use your own hands to make cute little gifts for your loved ones, family, and friends. The handmade gifts might not seem too big today but when those boxes and iPads will need an update, these ever-lasting handmade gifts will be there to help you relive all those memories. Plus, it will help you save some bucks

12 Days Of Christmas

Things have shifted to new paradigms and one of them is people celebrating pre-Christmas rather than waiting for the arrival of the Christ to start the celebrations. This is all because people have stopped doing things the old-fashioned way because of those no-mattering standards made up by the new society. So, go a different path this Christmas and celebrate 12 days after the 25th December as the main holiday

Give Christmas To Someone Else

There are always some people who cannot afford to celebrate Christmas. You can find them, help them out and make their Christmas a good one just like yours. You can buy them a Christmas tree or give some presents. You can even take part in Christmas charity

Start The Year A Little Earlier

We all make New Year resolutions but they are never accomplished. So, you can make the resolutions a week or two earlier than the New Year’s and try to act upon them. It will get you rid of the psychological effect that new year resolutions are always dumped and who knows you might even start going to the gym or start working on any other resolutions that you have made

Hot Cocoa Bar

Hot cocoa is the best thing that could ever happen to mankind and the number of drinks keeps on increasing during the Christmas. So, when you are hosting a gathering at your home, put some milk options on the shelf along with a wide range of toppings such as whipped cream, marshmallows, pecan bits, candy cane chunks, and chocolate bits. Your guest can make the drink of their own with crazy additions

Play Snowball Capture The Flag

If you live somewhere where it snows a pretty big amount, what are you waiting for? Take out those snow boots and build a snowman. You can also play capture the flag and just the snowball hit will be different but the rest of the game and rules will be same.

Milk & Cookie Game

If you have kids, you would know that they love leaving milk and cookies for Santa but they leave those same usual chocolate chip cookies that you make. Instead, you can indulge the kids in making their own creative cookies and let them decorate the cookies.

Reindeer Dust

Kids love Santa and they want him to visit your place. So, you can ask your kids to mix edible glitter with sugar to make reindeer dust and sprinkle it at the front yard to make an arrow which will tell Santa which way to come

Christmas Treasure Hunt

Gifts are a great idea and we all give them to our kids but why not add some tweaks to the gift this year? Yes, we are saying that makes them find the finds so they are more excited to open up the presents. And you can do this by planning a treasure hunt by leaving out little hints all over the place so they get to find their gifts in a most exciting way

Cookie Competition

You can ask all your guests to bring home baked cookies and ask all the gusts to choose the top three. The winning cookies will have to share their recipes, and tada!

This was all about How To Celebrate Christmas – Most Fun Ideas & Activities and we hope that you liked the ideas. If you want more ideas and activities, you can request us by commenting in the section below and we will provide you with them. If you like them, share it with your friends and family to give them new ideas as well to celebrate Christmas. Happy Christmas!

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