Guy Fawkes Day and Bonfire Night- History, Aftereffects and Festivities

So we are up with the coming event named as Guy Fawkes Day, which gets commemorate in the remembrance of mission failure of Guy Fawkes and his companions. In today’s article, we are covering the bonfire night which is famous as a Guy Fawkes Day. This day has an exciting history of the reign of Queen Elizabeth and his successors. The event was written in history in 1600 and still in celebrations. People, every year bright up the lights to recall that day and celebrate this event. The joy and happiness spread in all the directions and people enjoy the gathering. We will start the writing with some history of Guy Fawkes Day and then we will try to cover all the minor details with the celebration date as well. This will improve your knowledge and we are sure that you will enjoy this reading.

What is the date of the celebration?

Before going to the main discussion here we are telling you the date at which this great day get celebrated with bonfire, passion, and enthusiasm.

The event is set to celebrate on 5th November

History of Guy Fawkes Day- Background.

It all started in 1500 when Queen Elizabeth was in power. It happened that in mid of 1500 the Catholicism was put in the crisis. They were not allowed to practice their religion freely. Many priests were accused to death and the Catholicism was heavily repressed in England. This all exceeded when the queen Elizabeth I ostracized from the authority of the Church. The time changed and the Elizabeth I kept bringing up the grudges against Christianity. She ordered to kill the priest and during her reign, nearly dozens of priest were put to death.

The people were not allowed to do marriages and mass according to their religion. They were forced to quit the Catholicism otherwise punishments were given to them. The guards and people that belonged to the queen’s place started to oppress the people who were following the Catholicism. At this situation, the only hope popes up when King James I took over the control. People believe that he will surely give a positive edge to the people practicing Catholicism as his wife turned into Catholic religion in recent days. Other than this, King James’ mother was the main opponent of Queen Elizabeth I when she got against the Catholicism.

Before getting into authority the words he marked and the speeches he gave were representing that hoping him will surely bring peace for the Christians. Because there were rumors that the king James I himself converted into the Catholicism. But unfortunately soon, all the rumors ended up and the truth came up at the front. Although everyone was surprised as it was bitter fact to be swallowed but the crisis even outstripped more.

It became clear that they were hoping the person who even did not support Catholicism, in 1604 he publically he denounce the Catholicism as nothing but the past old wives’ tale. It hit the Catholics hard. Further, he asked the Catholics to leave England. This action he took because he considered that the number of Catholics is increasing day by day in England. So he decided to expel them out from their area. This was the point where people tried to raise a rebellion and wanted to raise the voice against this cruelty. He continued the protest to provoke his idea and even fined to those who did not come to stand by his side. He was following the actions of his predecessors even in a more harsh way. This was the reason, the conspiracies which failed in the reign of Elizabeth I failed, continued under his rule as well.

Conspiracies against King James I

Considering all the bad deeds and actions by King James and losing the hope, in 1603, many layman and priest just came up with different ideas of that time there were two conspiracies which those victims dreamt about. At first, some of the people believed to kidnap King James just to turn him into the fellow Catholic. This was named as the Bye Plot. After this, another so-called Main Plot came up that year. People devised another way to get freedom from the cruel culture of Elizabeth and James. This was the conspiracy that was linked with the killing of King James I.

Insurgent’s plan- Guy Fawkes Action

It then happened that in 1604 a group of 5 resellers gathered at a point named Duck and Drack Inn, in London. Here they were gathered to plan up against the king James I. among those Catholic dissidents they were Guy Fawkes, Robert Catesby, Tom Wintour, Jack Wright, and Thomas Percy. They devised a plan to seek a clear way. The plan was proposed by the Robert Catesby, and the idea was to blow out the Parliament with the gun powder. After discussing all the plan, all of them took an oath to keep this plan as a secret. They decided not to tell anyone else. Although later eight (8) more people who were against the King got added to their groups and they all swore to god to not tell anyone about this plan. This plan was proposed by the name of the Gunpowder Plot. Although the plan was devised by Robert Catesby the Guy Fawkes got more attention and accumulated more fame.

Fawkes popularity- in early Times

Guy Fawkes born in 1570, in the Yolk, England. In the history of his life, he fought and served decades of his life to fight against the protest that was against Spain. This protestant rebel was in the Spanish controlled Netherlands. At that time he met the King of Spain and requested him to help them in rebellion against King James. On researches, you will find in the writings of Spain that according to Fawkes the English King James was an apostate only. In 1605 he used the name Guido than the guy Fawkes and once when he was serving as a caretaker in the cellar that was located below the House of Lords he used the name as Alias John Johnsons.

Action Plan

There was an opening of the new session of the parliament at 5th of October, where Guy Fawkes was supposed to light up the fuse. At the opening James, and the House of Lords along with James son and House of common were supposed to blow the sky. The plan was that in the meantime, Fawkes would escape through the river lying nearby and then one of his participants would turn out in Midlands, the king’s daughter kidnapping and then marry her off to a Christian so that giving the authority to a catholic.

The twisting turn

It happened that on 26 October, the catholic conspirators got a letter from an anonymous writer. In which it was clearly stated to step back from the gunpowder plot. They were all surprised but they continued their practices. Some of the historians claim that the authority and the kingdom already ha the idea about this rebelling plot of gunpowder, but they were just waiting to give an excuse for excavated crack own to Catholicism. Well, on the midnight of 4th November, the Fawkes caught red-handed. There were 36 barrels stacked just behind him and he had match sticks in his pocket.

What punishment was given to him and his coconspirators?

The Fawkes was sentenced to the harsh punishment which was given to him on the orders of the king. The king’s man took him to the high tower of London and tortured him. Later, in no time, his coconspirators got arrested. The ring leader Robert Catesby were killed in a shootout.  Later they all were sentenced to death in 1606.


The consequences of this rebelling act were not proved good, as expected. All the rights of Catholics were canceled out. They were not considered as a citize3n anymore, so they could not take part in the election. They could not serve the army and other political services. Till the 19th century, they strived for liberty.

Why the day is celebrated by lighting up Bonfires.

When the plan revealed the people of London blow up the lanterns and fireworks as a sign of positive celebration. Afterward, in 1606, parliament declared this day of 5Th November as a Guy Fawkes Day.

Festivities of Guy Fawkes Day

The festivities of Guy Fawkes ay soon spread everywhere. The day is recalled by another name, which is Pope Day. Mostly in America, people remember the Guy Fawkes Day by the name Pope Day. People start the day with fireworks and bonfires.

Five Things you should know about Fawkes Day

Here, in the end, we are sharing some pinch point that you must know about this Guy Fawkes ay. Read for more!

  • Guy Fawkes was one of the terrorists that decided to blow out the parliament on the opening session which was on 5th November. He belonged to the group of conspirators. The plot was named as Gunpowder Plot and it was because they wanted to reestablish the Catholicism.
  • It is a fact the Guy Fawkes was neither the only one who was against the king nor he was the leader but he was found with 36 Barrels of gunpowder and matchboxes along with before the night of parliament opening session. Bonfires are blown as the sign of happiness because the terrorist got arrested and the king remained safe.
  • It is a tradition, like other events (Halloween), the children use to make images and take these images to the streets and roads. People give them pennies when the children ask to them by showing the picture of Guy. They collect all the money and then go to buy fireworks.
  • The tradition of wearing the Guy Fawkes mask was so old, but it did not recognize since the 1980s’. at that time the masks were of simple cardboard but now they are little spooky and well entertaining
  • The Guy Fawkes Day and Bonfire Night are celebrated outside the colonies.

This was all about the Guy Fawkes event, we hope that you enjoyed the reading we tried to accumulate event the minor details to make you comfortable with all briefings. Give your opinions and comments in the below section. For more event reads visit our site you will have many more there. If you like our article, share this with your friends and family and help us to grow. Show some love and keep up the connection with us. We appreciate your recommendations and comments. There is many more to come up so stay tuned and stay connected.

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