Happy Defence’s Day SMS, Quotes, Wishes, Poetry, Ideas, And Greetings

With 14th August passing, now it’s time to welcome 6th September which we all celebrate as the Defence Day. As a Pakistani and a patriot, we all love this day as it resonates the safety and solidarity of our beloved homeland, Pakistan. Every Pakistani has immense love for his country in his heart and they always want to express it. As we are talking about the Defence day, we need to tell our country how much we love this country. But if you don’t know how to express your love for the country and how to celebrate, we have added everything you need to know!

On 6th September 1965, Indian forces attacked the Pakistani borders violating the international border rules set by the United Nations and this act portrayed the declaration of war and that too, without any prior warning. But regardless of no warning, Pakistan fought back with full strength and kept the borders of its country safe while ensuring the safety of the whole nation. This is why the day is remembered as the Defence Day.

So, if you want to celebrate this day, the best things that you can do is invest some efforts and times in making one day The Defence’s Day and make it a happy one for everyone. We believe in celebrating the freedom that this country provides us. If you think the same, this post is for you because, in this article, we have added a wide range of Happy Defence’s Day SMS, Quotes, Wishes, Poetry, Ideas, And Greetings to make the most out of this patriotic day.

Happy Defence’s Day Quotes

Many people like to share information about the events regardless of what the event is and if you are one such person, we have added a wide range of quotes which you can share with your friends and family. The quotes are all related to the Happy Defence’s Day and some of them are from famous leaders as well

Happy Defence’s Day Wishes

On this happy event, we all want to share our happiness and express our glee with our friends and family so the right way is to wish them warm-heartedly. In this section, we have added a lot of wishes which you can send to your friends and family and let them know that you remember them on this day just like our Defence team remembered us!

Happy Defence’s Day Prayers

Every Muslim prays to the one Allah Almighty for the security and safety of the country and one must never forget to pray to his/her creator on the day when we were saved once again from the slavery of Indians. We have added a wide range of prayers in this section

Happy Defence’s Day SMS

The technology has changed and it has let us stay in touch with people who live far and far away through one SMS. On such events, everyone misses their friends and family a lot who are not with them and are living far away. So, in this section, we have added the SMS related to Defence Day which you can send to your far away friends and family and add them in your celebrations. We have added the SMS in three languages; Hindi, Urdu, and English, so, have a look!

HUM” ne to sookhi “SHAKHON” pe khoon bahaya hy apna Ab bi “PHOOL” na khilien to “MuQaDAR” ki baat hy.. Dedicatd 2 SHOHADAY-E-PAKIStan..


Sada Watan Ki Haar Ik Sarhad Par Goonjti Hai, Utho Ke Tum Ko Watan Ki Miti Pukarti Hai… Youm-E-Difa Mubarak


‘Humain dunya sa kiya lena Shahadat hy mission apna..  ….  Paharon may dafan hongy baraf hogi kafan apna  …..salute to pak army….’


‘Jab tak na jalen Deep shaheedon k Lahoo se  Kehtay hen k Jannat me charaghaan nahi hoti…..  Happy Defence Day.  (War of 6 September 1965)’


Hum Tou  Mit Jain Gay Aae  Arz-E-Watan, Laikin Tum koo Zinda Rehna Hai Qayamat Ki Sehar Honay Tak,

Happy Defence’s Day SMS In Urdu

In this section, we have added the Happy Defence’s Day SMS in Urdu as there are many people who still communicate through the Urdu language. The Urdu language is very polite, humble, and passionate and everything said in Urdu seems to be very beautiful. So, scroll down to see some Happy Defence’s Day SMS in Urdu

Jab Tak Chiragh Na Jaley Shaheedon Ke Laho Se.. Kehte Hain Ke Jannat Main Chiraghan Nahi Hota.. !! )~( HAPPY DEFENCE DAY )~(


Hum Tou Mit Jayen Gay Ae Arz-E-Watan Lekin.. !! Tum Ko Zinda Rehna Hai Qayamat Ki Sehar Honay Tak… ~ 6th September 2009 ~ )( HAPPY DEFENCE DAY )(


Happy Defence Day – 6 September Pray for all the martydom of 1965 war till Operation Raahe-Raast(Sawat) The Pakistan Army done the great job. We Love our Army and Pakistan. Pakistan Fouj Ko Salam. Pakistan Zindabad.

Happy Defence’s Day SMS In English

There are many people who usually use the English language to communicate their thoughts and to express themselves. So, if you are one such person as well, this section is for you as we have added Happy Defence’s Day SMS in English which you can send to your loved ones, family, and friends

Pray For All The Martyrdom Of 1965 War. Till Operation Raahe-Raast (Sawat), The Pakistan Army Done The Great Job. We Love Our Army and Pakistan. Pakistani Fouj Ko Salaam. Pakistan Zindabaad.


His Desires Are Few, His Ideals Are Lofty, His Ways Are Gratuitous, His Gaze Is Pleasing, He Is Soft In Speech, But Ardent In His Quest, In War As In Peace, He Is Pure Of Heart And Mind. (IQBAL). Dedicated To Pak Army Soldiers. Happy Defence Day.



Happy Defence’s Day Greetings

Defence Day is always about celebration, bounties, and happiness. In Pakistan, people visit their relatives and friends on this day to sit together, have a gathering and enjoy feasts. But whenever you visit someone or someone visits you, you have got to greet them with a warm heart and if you don’t know how to do that, we have added Happy Defence’s Day greetings in this section for you

Happy Defence’s Day Poems

Many people are into poetry and poems and they take advantage of those poems to wish someone on any event or occasion. If you are into the poetry and poems as well, we have got a wide collection of poems for you which you can send to your loved ones, family, and friends

Happy Defence’s Day Wallpapers

There are people who love to stay in line with the relevant events and occasions and they even change their wallpapers according to them. We get that and if you have been finding Happy Defence’s Day wallpapers, you have come to the right place because we have added a lot of wallpapers in this section

Resolutions For Happy Defence’s Day

Defence Day is a great way to kick start new habits with full zeal and passion and if you are someone who has to set goals to work towards them, we totally get you. So, we have added four resolutions which you set for yourself to make your life and other’s life a little easier this year. Have a look at how you can do that!

  • Make a promise to keep your country clean
  • Make a promise to pray for your army and give donations as well when possible
  • Make a promise to sponsor some child’s education because, at the end of the day, education is the key to better future

This was all about Happy Defence’s Day SMS, Quotes, Wishes, Poetry, Ideas, And Greetings and we hope that you liked our collection. If you want anything more, reach out to us in the comment section below and we shall get back to you in a jiffy. If you like the collection, share it with your friends and family and help us grow. Thank you!

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