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How To Create Chat Widget For Website

If you are running a business profile or chat room website, you would know that having a chat option always gives leverage and having that chat box can become the reason your target audience chooses your services for their needs. Many businesses are now focusing on it and they want to add the chat widget to their website. If you are one such business website looking for the ways How To Create Chat Widget For Website, then, don’t worry because we have got you covered. So, let’s jump to the guideline that we have written for you!

Step 1 – In the first, go to the panel of your website and click on the website icon which is most commonly available in the primary navigation area. Once you have made your way to the selected website icon, click on the chat box that you wish to customize and click on the “customize” button


Step 2 – Once you have clicked on the customize button, you will have the ability to customize the colour, type, and even the contact information for the chat box. Once you are done with the customization, save the changes

Updating the Types & Colors

When you select the chat box through a chat box manager, you easily start your way up to customize the title, colour, and style from the chat box’s top bar

Choose The Display Setting According To Your Preference

There are different ways how businesses and their websites work and there are different approaches when it comes to how they want their chat box to look like. There are commonly two methods and approaches used which are as;

  • You can add the attractive graphics on the chat box to make it look appealing and engaging
  • You can hide it through settings and choose the option of chat box appearing only when visitors click on it

Select The Chat Box Position

Every website demands different layouts and the chat box is a part of that. Many businesses prefer for the corner chat box as it does not take up the whole screen and visitors are able to see other content on your page as well. If you want to encourage the visitors to start a chat, you can add appealing animations. For managing or changing the position of the chat box, you can go for the position dropdowns in the “before” tab to customize the settings

Add A Link As You Like

People often ask for some basic information in the chat box that is already on the page but you cannot say no to them. For that issue, you can just add the links to most demanded sections and send them when the visitors ask. To do this, you need to go to the “after chat” and click on the custom link button to add the link. There are other options for link adding such as;

  • Make an appointment
  • Signup for the newsletter or account
  • Download the eBook

Add A Customized Chat Button

This is the option mostly used by the websites that want their chat box to stay hidden unless the visitors click on the “chat with us” option. To make this work, you can just paste the HTML on to the webpage and add tweaks to the CSS to make it work with your website design.

Add Email Form For The Time When You Are Offline

When you are editing the options for the chat box, click on the email form tab and make sure you enable it to make sure visitors have an answer even the chat support agents aren’t available

Set The Triggers

Go for the trigger option which will allow you to customize the time when a chat box pops up. In case of the pricing and help support pages, you can customize the chat box to open up instantly to offer help.

Remove the Chat Branding

You can remove the chat branding from the left navigation sidebar and you can remove that “powered by” thing at the end of the chat.

This was all about the creation of the chat widget for the website. We hope that you were able to create the chat box with ease but if you want to have more information and guidance, you can ask us through the comments and we will be here to help you out. Thank you!

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