How To Get More Views on Youtube Ultimate Guide

As per the recent trends and surveys conducted, YouTube has been named as the second-most used browsing application after Google. According to the user time, every smartphone users and YouTube user spend up to one hour daily on average which reflects the search for 4 to 5 pages. This has encouraged a lot of businesses to make their own YouTube channel but some of them do not get to increase the number of views on their channel and videos. This impacts the overall engagement rate and if you are dealing with the same issue, you have come to the right place. This is because we have added the Top Tips To Increase The Number Of YouTube Views in this article.

Encourage The Subscription From Existing Viewers

There is always some shy audience who watches your every video but refrain from subscribing or commenting on the video. This might increase the number of views on your video but the engagement rate will be affected very badly. So, you can start off by adding the call-to-action statements at the end of the videos to encourage the viewers to subscribe to the channel.

When they subscribe to the channel, whenever you upload a new video, they will be notified which can increase the number of views on videos instantly.

Create User-generated Content

Your audience will always have some demands and they will always want to share their opinion about the content. The best thing is to ask them if they like the current content that you are creating and they will be highly likely to post a comment. If they ask you for some different type of content and also describe it, you must work on it to reflect that you care about their opinion. Moreover, the content created from the ideas given by the audience will be known as user-generated content.

Use The Playlists

According to the stats, the top channels on YouTube implement and promote the playlists as a whole. The playlists are equipped with an auto-play option which allows the users to stay engaged in the video. It is the human psychic that if the next video plays on its own, they are highly likely to stay and watch the video rather than stopping. If the content is up to the mark, there is no going back for the audience. But if you don’t know how to create the playlist, reach the guidelines below;

  1. Go to the first video which needs to be included in the playlist
  2. Now, click on the “add to” option
  3. You can create a new playlist or choose the existing playlist
  4. Now, choose the playlist’s privacy settings to be public and hit on the create button

Use End Screens, Cards, and Watermarks

If you want to automatically direct the audience to the next video of your channel, cards, and end screens are the perfect option to opt for. Moreover, when you add the watermarks, it will help in marketing the channel. Cards are something that pop-up during the video play and the end screens pop up after the video has ended. We have added guidelines on how to add the cards and end-screens in the section below.

  1. Go to the YouTube account and click on the creator studio
  2. Then, click on the video manager and go to videos
  3. Now, click on the edit option and scroll down to the end screen
  4. From here, you can easily create the end screen and hit on the Save button

Don’t Forget The Niche

You never have to focus on everyone and neither will your content focus on everything around the globe. There are zillions of people around the world and every one of them has different interests. You need to keep this thing in mind that whatever your niche is, you need to work on that. Moreover, while creating the content around your niche, you need to pitch the videos to the audience with similar interests. This will increase the number of views on your videos for a long-term basis

Work On SEO

If you even have the slightest idea about the Google ranking and SEO, you would know that the right SEO will ensure the higher ranking of your content on the Google. In the YouTube videos, you can create the SEO Friendly video title by adding relevant keywords to the niche. Furthermore, the relevant keywords can be added to the meta-description and the bio as well. If you add the subtitles in your video, you can try adding keywords there as well but make sure the inculcation of the keywords is all-natural.

Add Thumbnail Images

When you upload a video on YouTube, it gives you three different screenshots form your video which are known as thumbnails. You can choose the best screenshot which resonate the core purpose of the video as it will appear to the audience rather than the blank screen. So, make sure you choose the appealing thumbnail image in order to widen the chances of audience clicking on the play button.

Channel Optimization

We know that you optimized the videos but there is nothing wrong in optimizing the complete YouTube channel. But how do you optimize the channel? We have added some tips;

  • You can link your YouTube channel with other social media handles
  • Make a compelling and professional channel icon
  • The channel banner art must be catchy to ensure that people are attracted towards your channel
  • You need to stay in the character limit while writing the channel description

YouTube Algorithm Is Important

YouTube has a strict algorithm and if you want to do better on that platform, you will need to work on every algorithm aspect. This is important because it can affect the YouTube channel as a whole rather than just affecting one video.

Be Social

Vlogging is becoming a career and there are immense numbers of YouTube enthusiasts who are eager to make their own channel. However, if you have created a YouTube channel already, you must interact with the relevant people, take part in communication groups, and join some get-to-together if any is happening.

These tips are to ensure that you get to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos. So, this was all about Top Tips To Increase The Number Of YouTube Views and we hope you managed to improve the YouTube presence. So, happy YouTube’ing and keep shining bright! If you like the article, share it with your friends and family and help us grow. Thank you!

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