Mothers’ Day- Background, Celebrations, Symbol, Dates

A day to show love and gratitude to your mother is famous as Mothers’ Day. It is a day that gives chance to everyone to appreciate the efforts of mothers. To show them that you acknowledge all the efforts that mothers put for their children. Mothers’ Day is an annual event that is being celebrated in the whole world with the enthusiasm but there is not any specific date for this

Mothers’ Day 2020

This time mothers’ ay is going to be celebrated on the 10th of May, 2020. But again there is a difference in celebration in some countries. It is not a hard and fast rule to celebrate it on a single ay that is why different countries celebrate it on various dates. Here are some of the expected dates in various countries.

  • Sunday, 10 May 2020 in 48 countries
  • Sunday, 31st May 2020 in 4 countries
  • Sunday, 3rd May 2020 in 4 countries
  • Sunday, 8th Mar 2020 in 3 countries
  • Sunday, 27 May 2020 in Bolivia

Public dates of Celebrating Mothers’ Day

Well, in different countries it is being celebrated on different dates. Some countries like Australia United States and Canada celebrate it on the second Sunday of May, every year. But many countries count it before exactly three weeks of the easter’ Sunday. This practice is common in the United Kingdom.

In Costa Rica, Mother day is a public annual holiday that is considered on the same ay as the assumption day, 15th of august. In Georgia it is fixed on 3rd March and in Thailand annually it is celebrated on 12th August. On these gusseted holidays, restaurants and cafes are busy more than the usual practice.

What are the celebrations on Mothers’ Day?

Mothers’ day is the day of honoring mothers and motherhood. People recall and remember their mothers and mother figures on this special day. Mother figures include stepmothers, Mothers in law, relative or guardian (foster parents). On this day people express how much they care about the presence of mothers and pay gratitude.  Everyone has his unique way to celebrate this day for their mothers, some are as follow:

  • Give Flowers and cake
  • Bake Cakes
  • Give gifts
  • Have dinner with the mother
  • Enjoy the family gatherings or visits
  • Give cards to the mothers
  • Manage the whole chore of the house
  • Family breakfast and brunches at home or a café or restaurant.
  • Give chocolates, jewelry, perfumes
  • Right or read mothers’ day special poems and poetry
  • Spend a day at movie or outside for fun
  • In China, Carnations are the most special mothers’ ay presents. Some groups of people manage to sing a song and dance to please all the mothers of the nation.

Background of Mothers’ Day

Early histories pictured the origin of Mothers’ day to honor the Mothers of Gods and Goddess in the Greek Civilization. This practice was used to carry in the spring session. Later on, another traditional practice of visiting church brought up that was famous as the name of Mothering Sunday, in the united kingdom. On Mothering Sunday, people used to visit the church where they were baptized. This practice is still as active as the name of motherhood.

In modern times the origin of mothers’ day is two women, Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis. These are the famous and important ladies who established the tradition of mothers’ day in the united kingdom. In 1870, Julia Ward Howe called to celebrate this special day annually. And after that in her sponsorship, this celebration continues to be in practice for ten (10) years in Boston and then she died.

Other sources state that another woman named Juliet Calhoun Blakely took the first step in 1800 to celebrate the special Mother day in Albion, Michigan. Her son used to pay tribute to her mother every year and he used to motivate others to show some gratitude, love, and respect to their mothers.

Then in 1907. Anna Jarvis held a private celebration in the remembrance of her mother, Ann Jarvis, in Grifton, West Virginia. In 1908, she managed to arrange a church that attracted and called nearly 407 children along with their mothers.

1912 was the year that brought up the mothers’ ay international association to popup the importance and significance of Mother day across the whole world. Since then mother’ day gained the promotion.

Now in many countries, nearly all countries, mothers’ day is being commercialized by flower shops, gift shops, jewelry shops, clothes shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, gifts, and all the business offering special deals for this occasion. Anna Jervis took a step and filed against the over-commercialization, but she failed.

Representation / Symbol  of Mothers’ Day

There is a multitude of ways to appreciate mothers. That includes  Carnation, which Anna Jarvis asked to be the official symbol of Mothers’ Day, as well as the international mothers’ day shrine. The shrine was dedicated to preserving the motherhood. The structure is listed on the national register of historic places in the united state. this shrine is located near the Grafton, West Virginia. This shrine aims to promote, preserve and develop the spiritual motherhood.

This article is generally written to highlight some of the important facts of the mothers’ day. Make sure that it does not provide every detail of others’ ay according to different customs, and traditions, symbols, and practices of each country. As mentioned above, different countries celebrate it on different days so is the case with celebrations. Every nation has its unique way to celebrate the mothers ay in the appreciation of their mothers.

We diligently research to provide the latest and updated information. If you have any question then you can write in the comment section below. We will respond to you on priority. In case you want to give any recommendation or share some other traditions relevant to others’ day, you are most welcome. Your recommendations and words are always welcome.

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