The National Grammar Day Introduction History Significance With Complete Details

It is so important for a community to brief their children about their history. We can see that many events occur in the remembrance of someone or something special that existed in the past time. Americans are so concerned with their history. They celebrate the related events on some specific days as this National Grammar day gets celebrated with joy and humility every year. This day was not included in most past times but Americans brought it ahead because it enhances their vocabulary every year.

Introduction of National Grammar Day:

The author of “things that make us” Sir Martha Broken burgh established this national grammar day that designated in the mid of 2008. Sir Martha also participated to organize a society that is mainly focused on improving the grammar.

This day is getting celebrated on 4th March every year across the United Kingdom.


As the year 2008 came, it brought a change in the world of American language. Once this day was established, it played a very vital role in the history of language. People try to learn more. They try to speak well and write more accurate. This day came up with the idea that they want to fix their grammatical mistakes by achieving the accuracy in language and literacy. Not just by improving themselves but also by helping others to achieve the best and accurate. This was a big step, by Martha broken burgh that contributed to the economy of America as the literacy rate improved.

Basically, they got the point that grammar is not just a set of rules or regulations but it is a thing that creates a better sense of understanding among the people. This step helped Americans a lot in enhancing and improving their language. This was really appreciated able step.

The National Grammar Day

The Significance Of The National Grammar Day

Well, this is the best step towards the improvement of their language. Through this event, their new ones learn more and more about their own language. Until the accuracy has been achieved, many changes occurred in the language and through such events people, with time, became well aware of this society. People learned many skills related to their language.

This built a sense of correction and they became able to pick up their grammatical mistakes and then to fix them as well.

Impact On The Economy

It affected the American economy positively as people of America made them willing to seek knowledge they started to learn and literacy rate became high that made a marvelous impression on the economy.

Understanding of Words And Phrases

This made them realize that there are major differences among different grammatical phrases. Sometimes the written work creates better understanding because there are proper commas and full stops placed, but in listening to it may create misunderstanding. Taking an example stand, not sit and stand not, sit. If we use such phrases in literacy without the required pauses it may remain unclear to the listener so this National Grammar Day helped the people to realize such minor points as well.


The major impact of this event lies on the accent. When people listen to others they learn about the correct and exact pronunciations and the way of delivering the words. This is the most effective benefit of this day in my opinion because sometimes it happens that we have the idea in our mind of what to say but we do not speak because we do not know that how to say or deliver the msg.


It gives a sense of satisfaction. Once you start analyzing your flaws and shortcomings you start to move towards the betterment. This is so important to improve your vocabulary. Let’s suppose that you are required to write a letter or an application to anyone, so if you have enough vocabulary in your mind dictionary than you will not face any under confidence situation. You must have a command on your grammar to have built-in confidence and satisfaction so that you sound formal.


Encouragement is the major factor to make yourself willing for acceptance. When you make up your mind to learn something or to have a look on your own shortcomings you stay self-esteemed and encouraged in a way that gets some inner confidence.

This is actually what let them guide their children. They teach them in an impressive way and make them eligible to hold the advancement of language over time.

Habit of Learning

When such events start to set up at the national or international level, they develop a learning environment. On these festivals, people take their children to attend the literacy events and give them a learning platform where children and parents both try to figure out their flaws and grammatical mistakes and then try to fix them. Such practices spread the air of knowledge and develop the habit of learning.

The National Grammar Day 4 March 2019

Method of Learning.

The question here arises that what methods do they adapt to make themselves improved. Well, this question can be explained in a generic way. There is nothing unique in the method of learning.

It is a common practice that when you write something you use to check it again and again by reading the context. This is because you do not want to risk your reputation in front of someone else. In daily routine you repeat this practice you remain conscious in the selection of your words, you keep on checking your texts before sending. Doing this, at some point you catch your mistake and in this situation, you try to go back to your vocabulary or book to make it correct and to learn better.

This is the same practice Americans do every year to enhance their grammar and to improve their language. Here are millions of words in their dictionary but still they keep on learning, they keep on improving and they keep on teaching the new things.

Perfection V/s Reality

Everybody wants to be perfect but the fact is that in this whole universe no one is perfect among us. The process of checking over your mistakes, again and again, take you towards the accuracy but still, you can’t claim that you are perfect.

This day named as “national grammar day” holds every year in the march so that people can look at their mistakes and try to cover them u. repeating this practice make them accurate and more aware but this does not mean that anyone became perfect.

You can see that while reading a context or a book you may find some mistakes or sometimes even your favorite author or writer makes mistakes. It’s quite natural. Even published articles, newspapers or books get checked on and off through different persons as well as there is much software to check the mistakes so that these writings get delivered to you in an accurate context.

I use to write articles on different niches but still when I go through the articles I find some mistakes, the ability one must have is to accept his/ her fault. This courage takes you towards accuracy like you can only correct yourself if you are willing for that.

As discussed above Americans do this practice which ensures that they have the sense of acceptance and willingness to see their mistakes

happy Grammar Day

Activities / Festivities

  • It is an interesting day, I never found any event as much literate as it is. I guess it is only the one day of learning that everyone enjoys for the complete 2 hours. This is boundary-less, there are no restrictions of age or race or color.
  • This day gets celebrated in a different way, people gather at different places and discuss their mistakes and enjoy them with tea or lunch.
  • If it gets boring then they invite their family or friends and hand them over some books or newspaper and then ask them to find as many mistakes as they can.
  • Even after this if they want to make it more entertaining then they start debating in different ways on different English topics. In such a manner they learn from others and enjoy the gathering as well.
  • Sometimes they use their alternative second language as well which enhance the understanding level.

Major Mistakes

  • The major mistakes are found during writing like placing of commas and apostrophes.
  • There are rules of apostrophe but most of the people are unaware of this such as they confuse the words like “boys and boy’s”.
  • Other major mistakes that people make are using articles. They do not know where ‘the”, “a” or “an” will come.


The National Grammar day has its own importance, as compared to other literacy events, that makes a clear difference. This day helps the people to improve their technical and communicational skills. Every year, people get a chance to rectify their own mistakes of writing or communication. They try to learn effective grammar usage and proper writing steps. This practice motivates the youngsters and develops the interest in them so that they make themselves involved in such effective practices. Moreover, the immigrants living there take advantage of this day, they learn more and more that help them to live without misunderstanding and miscommunications.

I must say that other nations should adopt this practice as well because this is the most efficient as well as an effective way of learning in which even students and their parents participate and show interest.

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