Veterans Day Federal Holiday 2020

In the United States of America, there are very few public holidays. The public holidays are less to keep the public fit and at work all the time. However, among those very few holidays, the Veterans Day holiday is the most famous one. Every year, 11th November is the day of Veterans Day. On Veterans Day, the armed forces and their families attend the ceremonies to gather honor and gratitude.

This day is the commemoration of the brave soldiers of the armed forces who were ready to sacrifice their lives for providing the public with the freedom and protection that they deserve. The purpose of Veterans Day is to ensure the honor and dignity of the soldiers who risked their own lives for us. On this day, the huge rounds of applauds are there for the army by the public. For the soldiers who have died, this is a memorial day and for the ones who are living, this is the recognition day.

The Holidays

When the 11th of November falls on Saturday or Sunday, Monday and Friday will be the celebration days. On this day, the schools and offices have a holiday. In this article, multiple facts related to Veterans Day are there to expand the knowledge and information regarding the day. But before we start with the facts, let us tell you that Veterans Day is the federal holiday of America.

In the old times, Veterans Day was Armistice Day. In some countries, it is also known as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day for their armed forces. However, the date for the celebration remains the same; 11th November.

Right after the end of the First World War, this day was a medium to honor the soldiers of the army that died and fought hard for the freedom and protection of their nation. However, Raymond Week, an army Veteran put forward an idea for making this day for the living as well because they are serving at their best as well. After his suggestion, Armistice Day was called Veteran Day in 1954. Today, this day is the celebration of the living heroes and the martyrs who lost their lives.

For such a motivational suggestion, Raymond Weeks won the Presidential Citizenship Medal from the Reagan in 1982. Raymond Weeks was lucky enough to participate in the Veterans Day for 35 years before he lost the battle of life in 1985. All his life, he became the hero who suggested celebrating the victories and hard work of the soldiers.

The Dates Of Veterans Day

However, the date of the Veterans Day was not on 11th November. Until the issuance by the President of that time, the Veterans Day was on last Monday of October every year. In 1978, to erase all the confusions, 11th November became the day for the celebration. Since then, 11th November is the day where honor and gratitude is the gift for the martyrs’ families and soldiers.

On Veterans Day, the National Veterans Day is there for the people who are the most deserving Veterans in the audience that day. The point is that the planning of this award was after the conversion of Armistice Day to Veterans Day. When the award came into being, the first Veteran to win the award was Congressman Ed Rees of Kansas. The reason for him winning the award was his unconditional contributions towards signing this day as the federal holiday.

The most interesting fact about the 11th of November is that it is adjacent to the Marine Birthday. On 11th November, the Veterans Day is celebrated and on 10th November, United States Marines are celebrated and honored.

Happy Veterans Day

On 11th November, the whole of the United States of America is busy in planning the celebration for the armed forces. Every person in the America is busy because they are always waiting for the 11th of November with utter excitement. No matter how they like, the public can celebrate 11th November as they like. Many people are into the social media such as Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook and they wish on these platforms.

On this day, most people share the importance and history of the Veterans Day on the social media platforms. This is because they want to create awareness about the sacrifices of the armed forces and the martyrs. It is easy to say that this day is a commemoration of the armed forces and their courage.

The Federal Holiday For Institutions

11th November is the federal holiday across the United States of America. As the holiday is federal, all the institutions are off. However, the schools, colleges, and universities remain open as they hold several ceremonies to create awareness about the Veterans Day.

The students decorate their institutions. On the other hand, the teachers talk about the history and importance of the day. This is to create awareness among the young minds and to induce passion and love for their country.

Often, the soldiers attend these ceremonies where the public gets a chance to meet and offer their gratitude. If the families of the martyrs are attending the ceremony, the public gives their condolences to the family. Some people even bring gifts for them.

Many people who attend the ceremonies bring the sweet dishes for the soldiers of the army to offer them the gifts. So, if you are out on the stroll on Veterans Day, greet the soldiers and say Happy Veterans Day to them. If you find someone from the family of the martyrs, offer your condolences.

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In this article, Veterans Day Federal Holiday 2020 was the point of discussion. We are sure that you have gained ample information about the day and the facts about this day. If you like the article, share it with your patriotic friends and family and help us grow. Thank you!

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