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How to Write Seo Optimized Content Ultimate Guide For Beginner

Today, the paradigm of business markets has changed dynamically and every business understands the importance of SEO for their online presence. In the very start, the only thing people focused on about SEO were keywords but this year, the algorithms by Google has been changed and you have got to be on steps with changing things about SEO. In this article, we have mentioned SEO Strategies – Top Tools & Tips to make sure you have sound knowledge of every new aspect. So, have a look!

How to Write Seo Optimized Content Ultimate Guide For Beginner

How to Write Seo Optimized Content Ultimate Guide For Beginner

As we have already mentioned that trends of SEO have changed and the effective content marketing is an essential part of it. We all know that a vehicle is nothing without the wheels and in case of content; it is nothing without a proper SEO strategy. Similarly, you need content to run SEO.

According to the statement passed by the officials of Google, if someone wants to increase the organic reach of your blogs, the content has been named as one of the top there. When you use the right SEO in the content, it will make sure that it stands out in the crowd of mediocre blog posts and articles.

Everyone wants to know the key to that high-quality content because no one has ever handed out a checklist for the writing of such content. So, this is all up to us how we manage things and how we analyze various things on the Google rankings. So, you just have to pay attention but if you are our reader, you do not have to worry as we have mentioned every step to write SEO optimized content in detail;

Step 1 – Add SEO To The Content Strategy

SEO has been used as a promotional tool and many marketers and even businesses use this in the content. They always observe the content after they have created it and add the links as well as proper keywords. But the right content marketing strategy has to start with the right use of keywords and must have well-researched content. By research, we mean that you need to know what readers are looking for and what questions they have. When you have that knowledge, it will easy for you to design the content strategy that has to answer all the questions and it will make sure that everything is moving forward in a smooth way.

But many people ask about the exact qualities of good content and according to us, the following are the qualities you need to incorporate;

  • Content must be easy enough to be understood by the audience and must have the proper incorporation of keywords and research. You must use the language and tones that your audience understands
  • Your content must provide the information your audience wants to know and read. If you talk about the length of the content, it needs to be +1000 words as it will rank better in the result section. The last thing, make sure that there is no loss of focus
  • At the end of the content, just add a call to action statement to make sure content clicks to them and they get what they wanted to know about

Step 2 – Design The Right Content

Good content means good SEO and when users are engaged, they will interact with the content, highly likely to share it, and the more content will be consumed. You must focus on every little detail such as the layout of the content as well as the overall structure of the content. For just the right content, there are various characteristics that define it. Some essential characteristics of good content include;

  • Simple
  • Unpredictable
  • Concrete
  • Valid
  • Well-researched
  • Right emotions
  • Entertaining
  • Educational
  • Relevant
  • Deep
  • Practical
  • Unique
  • Trustworthy
  • Coherent

While you take steps towards the content designing, you need to keep the audience in the mind that you are writing for the people and must be able to understand and read everything you have read. The high-quality content according to the audience base has the following points;

  • Don’t make the content too complicated or too simple or full of jargon as you need to acknowledge that the content is for the audience and not your friends
  • Make sure that content is shareable and to make sure of that, read the piece that you have just written and see if you would share such information
  • Make sure that the content you have just written is scan-able and read smoothly. Make sure that you use callouts, short paragraphs, bullet points, bold texts, quotes, lists, and other things ease the reading process
  • Make sure that you use the right yet strong titles and headings as it will add enticement to the content. Your headings and titles have to be actionable and make sure you are using the keywords perfectly. If you want to have some tools for headings and titles, you can opt for CoSchedule
  • Make sure that your content is better than SERP winners as you need to be competitive enough. The pages that you use for the source of content, you must go through them and you need to see if things are better. Also, note if the keyword incorporation is effective
  • You must add time frames, common objections, and ideal results in the content. You must anticipate the concerns, fears, and hopes in your content

Step 3 – Create Correct Content

When you are creating the content, make sure that there are no incorrect spellings and typos aren’t there because it can harness the quality. However, it has been stated that right grammar can act as a catalyst for the high ranking and it has become a concern. Moreover, you can also add the links as well as cite the sources which will improve the ranking. All the cited sources and links will show that outbound and it will portray that you know what you are doing to attract the audience. The factors include;

  • Make sure that there are no spellings or grammatical errors and that can be made sure by proofreading the content. Other than yourself, you can even ask someone else to proofread your content
  • You can add reputable and authentic sources to the content. The best site you can source is Wikipedia and that works perfectly with Google search rankings
  • Make sure that the facts that you have added are checked for the facts. If you are adding the stats and analytics, make sure it is from the right site and you have double-checked the facts

Step 4 – Check For The Usage Of Keywords

We know that you started with the proper research and keywords and this is not at all about what keywords to choose to add in the content. This step is only about observing that how the keyword is being used in the content. Yes, we said that adding keywords is being out but thanks to Google, it has made things very savvy about the keywords. But there is no way that keywords are dead but you need the right implementation of SEO. The factors that include are;

  • You need to use the keywords but they must be primary. After writing the content, Ctrl+F to see if you have used the keyword way too much and if that is the case, you can replace them synonyms
  • There will be no issue if you use the synonyms for the keywords as Google’s algorithm manages and recognizes all that
  • You must not make the keywords loo artificial and everything needs to be natural. You can also use synonyms, abbreviations, and plurals
  • You can also incorporate the keywords into the image titles, captions, and text and you can even use the descriptive language. You can add keywords where they can be added but don’t force them
  • You can add the keywords in the link and URL and if you have used it in the title, you can easily add that into the URL
  • Make sure that you add the keyword in the first 100 words of the content

How To Write SEO Friendly Articles

Many people say that the articles written for the audience and for the SEO are totally different and opposite things. However, we do not agree with that. We believe in integrating everything in one article and make it good for both the audience, readers, and for the SEO. Now, when it comes to writing SEO friendly articles, many people just fill it up with keywords only which harnesses the quality of the article by negatively affecting the readability of the article.

If you have been looking for some tips which help you write the best SEO-friendly articles while ensuring the readability of the article, you have come to the right place.  We will tell you about various things that go hand in hand so; let’s see what this section has in the house for you!

Before The Article Writing

There is always a before the time where you have got to take care of the prerequisites for completing the task. In the case of writing an SEO-friendly article, you have got to invest some time in doing the keyword research. The keywords are the words which internet users usually search for and if you use them in our article, there are higher chances of your article being showing up at the top of the results. You can even search for the whole topic and write on it. Once you know what keyword you are going to use, you will need the general writing tips for the article, so, have a look!

Writing Tips For Articles

If you want to reach a certain group of readers, you have to make sure that your article is good enough to engage them. There are many god-gifted writers who can easily just write what comes to their minds and the output is highly creative and engaging. However, not everyone has those gifts and they need help with the tips and tricks. So, want to know what works best while writing the articles Read on to find out!

Think A Little – Everyone says that you just think before saying anything but we say that you must think before writing anything as well. When you are sitting on your desk with the laptop screen opened in front of you, sit back and think about what you want to communicate through your article. Think about the purpose of this article and what you want your readers to know. Once you get all these answers, start writing with great motivation to make the best writing piece

Make A Structure – When you are starting to write an article, you need to think about the structure and which structure you are going to opt for. The three basics of every article’s structure include;

  • An introduction part where you introduce the topic you are going to write about
  • The main body which will include the main article
  • A conclusion which will summarize the whole article in a few lines or in a paragraph

You can even pinpoint these things and what you are going to write in each of them to make things easier for your own self. The already written points will make sure that you do not forget anything and that you add everything that needs to be added

Make Paragraphs – Taking a break after every line looks very and looks like some child has written a “My Self” essay and you really don’t want to make it look like that. So, when you are writing an article, you must concentrate on small points such as making paragraphs instead of small lines. However, while making paragraphs, make sure that there is something different in every paragraph. You can set each idea for each paragraph and at the end of each paragraph; you can add a line that summarizes the whole idea or paragraph

Use Headings – Headings are a great way to add an edge factor to the article and it differentiates various points. Headings are a great way to increase the readability and in some cases, if you use keywords in titles and headings, it can increase the SEO as well. SEO is because Google will observe the main idea of your article through the heading and it will help you get a better ranking in search engine results. Other than headings, you can even use subheadings to add various points under one heading

Use Signal Words – Signal words are defined as the words that resonate the actual idea and meaning behind your article. For example, if you are writing an article related to the recipe, you can add the word recipe in the title which will tell people that this article s something about cooking or recipes. Signals words such as consequently, nevertheless, finally, and first of all can add literal meaning and life to the overall article structure

Get Critics – This is a great way to make sure that your article s free of errors and is perfect. By critic, we mean that you can ask someone to read the article that you have written and found out the errors if every type to ensure that the article is perfect Once you know what are the errors and once you have made the changes, then, publish it. If you don’t have anyone who can read your article, you can check for the errors online as there are many free software available

Pay Attention To The Length Of Article – Your articles need to be of specific length. According to the experts, the minimum word count of your article has to be 300 and that is a mandatory prerequisite if you want to gain rank on search engine results. However, if your article is way too long and has lesser readability, it can irritate the readers who are not at all a good option. Also, make sure that you use the key phrase every now and then in the article

Add Link To Previous Articles – If you are using a website which has many other articles on its section already, you can the hyperlinks of those articles in the current article to increase the rank results of search engine. However, while adding the hyperlink to the previous article, make sure that it is somehow connected to your current article. For example, if you are writing an article about “How To Clean The Carpet With A Vacuum Cleaner”, you can add the hyperlink of the article such as “Top Best Vacuum Cleaners To Clean The Carpet”. This is known and internal SEO linking

Make The Posts Regularly – When you are investing in a website, you need to make sure that you are on the radar and in order to stay on the radar, you need to make sure that you post the articles on a daily basis because if you add the article after long gaps, it is going to be bad for your ranking. However, you must not only focus on the numbers as the articles need to be of high-quality and must be well-written in order to attract and engage the readers

Best Free And Paid Content Optimization Tools

After reading the above content, we are sure that you know everything about the importance of making your content SEO optimized but how exactly do you do that? Many people think that it’s some kind of rocket science but we don’t believe and neither should you. SEO is surely the great way to rank your articles at the top of search engine results but it doing it should not be made too difficult.

You must be thinking that why we are forcing on this point that it is not a difficult thing to do. This is because we have added some great options for you which are going to take over everything related to SEO optimization of your content and you will not have to worry about anything as it does everything on its own and make the processes extremely simple and hassle-free. So, let’s see what good those applications and platforms can do!

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

This is the most used and one of the most essential components when it comes to the execution of the SEO campaign. This platform gives you complete control over the SEO campaign by giving you access to a wide range of information related to the performance of the website and the content along with the in-built tools. Through this platform, you can easily observe what pages and what content are doing better and what keywords people are using which is directing them to your article. Moreover, it also tells the users about the content reach as well as the number of pages that have been indexed. This information will help you pay attention to weaker point areas and maintain the well-doing areas

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

This platform is a completely free option designed by Google to best serve their users. Google Keyword Planner provides information about the relevant keywords related to your article and niche. With this keyword planner, you will also get to know what keywords are doing better and yield more views as compared to the keywords that aren’t very effective. You can choose the high volume keywords in your article to make sure that there are more views on your articles and that it reaches the top of search engine results



When you are in the competition of getting higher ranks in the search engine result, doing a regular analysis of the competition is extremely important. It will provide information related to the optimized text and what it must feature to stand out in the pool of a wide range of articles.

So, if you want to do the competition analysis, you can opt for SEMRush as it gives a complete domain overview of what keywords your competitors are using which are making them rank higher and higher on the search engine. Other than that, it will also provide information about their campaigns that if they are running the paid campaigns or the manual ones along with the backlink usage and number of backlinks used in the respective domains if you can’t afford to buy these tool you can visit seo tools group buy site to get cheaper than real website.



Okay, we know that you already know the main aim behind your article and what you want to portray with your article but managing it is a whole different story and not everyone is good at that. So, if you want to manage everything from 0 to 100, you can opt for nTopic as it will manage everything for you To get started with this platform, you have to add the username keyword and domain as it will run the analysis in no time and will let you know if the article or content that you are adding is relevant to the domain or not. At the end of the analysis, you will be given a relevancy score which will portray what you need to improve in order to gain higher ranks and to make the content and articles more focused

Scoop it

If you are a copywriter or if you are from the content curation field you would know this platform by heart because ever since it was launched, t has been gaining more and more population among the content creators. This is a type of curation platform which makes things easier for the users to curate ideas, make relative content, and then organize everything and all the ideas and content in the most effective way possible.

On this platform, you can add the curated links and it will organize the content accordingly which are being shared by others. This platform has both free and paid versions and you can choose any keeping in mind the type and frequency of your use

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