Youtube Seo Tools To Promote Your Video And Ranking Improve

If you are from the marketing and advertising field, you would know that everything is going digital and the number of engagement attained by the video content is increasing at a fast pace. According to the stats, by 2021, the video content is expected to drive 82% of the global internet traffic. Now, as we know that YouTube is the biggest video-watching application and has been named as the second most-used search engine after Google so, optimizing the content is pretty important. For optimizing the content, you need to be an expert but if you aren’t, should you give up on optimizing it? Absolutely not! Rather you can opt for the optimization tools and if you are looking for some, we have added Top 5 SEO Tools to Better Promote YouTube Videos in this article to help you out!

BirdSong Analytics

When you are on some digital platform, you are likely to have an immense number of competitors and to do better, you need to stay ahead of them. Now, it is sort of impossible to keep track of their analytics manually and if this is the same issue you are struggling with, you can opt for the BirdSong Analytics which allows the analysis report of the competitors to portray how their videos are doing.  It will tell you what proves to be beneficial for the competitors and if adapting to those tactics will be better for you as well! Putting it in a concise manner, BirdSong Analytics will perform the following functions;

  • The competitors’ usual upload time
  • The competitors’ usual upload day
  • The competitors most used keywords
  • The optimum video length of the competitor’s videos
  • How the competitor video length affects the engagement rate


If you need to make sure that your YouTube presence is optimized and gains optimum engagement rate, it is essential to make an appealing video thumbnail. So, if you need to create an appealing video thumbnail, Canva is your best friend! Canva is a graphic designing tool which allows the users to create catchy thumbnails for the YouTube Videos. While creating the video thumbnail for your YouTube video, you need to focus on the following details;

  • Use PNG or JPG format
  • The file size must not exceed the 2 MB limit
  • The photo resolution must be 1280 x 720

It has been equipped with a wide range of formats and templates which ensures the optimum creation of video thumbnail.


You are creating the YouTube with precise editing and everything perfect but if it doesn’t reach the target audience, what is even the point? So, you can use the DrumUp application to increase the visibility chances of the videos by creating the distribution schedule of the videos on cross platforms. It has the ability to connect with different social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and will also showcase the different audience. Furthermore, it will help with the authorization of the social media accounts and help build trust among the target audience.

Keyword Ranking Tool

In order to ensure the effective optimization of the YouTube videos, using the right keywords is necessary. However, if you use the simple keyword research options, the results might not be bear any fruits. SO, in order to ensure the optimum results, you can opt for the Keyword Ranking Tool as it allows the users to uncover the keywords which will land the video at the top of search engine results.

This software has the ability to identify the most advanced keywords and provide them to you to ensure the effective utilization of the keywords. You must also inculcate the keywords in the description box, video title, and video tag as well.


You must have optimized the YouTube videos through the incorporation of keywords and other strategies but keeping an eye on the performance is important as well. In order to have access to the performance analysis of the videos, you can opt for Cyfe as it lets the users monitor the YouTube channel performance. It portrays the number of views, likes, traffic sources, conversion rate, engagement rate, and the audience retention.

This was all about Top 5 SEO Tools to Better Promote YouTube Videos and we hope that you found the perfect solution for your ranking and analysis needs. If you like the article, share it with your friends and family and help us grow. Thank you!

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