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Zain Call Packages- For Hajj/Umrah- 1 Day, Weekly And Monthly

Today, we are going to talk about Zain Call Packages for Umrah/Hajj pilgrims of Pakistan. Zain is providing affordable call packages on 1 day, weekly and monthly basis that you can subscribe to. We have added every information along with activation codes and charges.

About Zain Call Packages

Are you soon going for Umrah or Hajj? Congratulations to you! Apart from that, you are going far away from home and you will want to keep in touch with your family and friend.  But Pakistani local networks can be heavy on your pocket as their charges are very high on roaming. However, there is a solution to this problem. Zain Saudi Arabia is a Saudi communication network that is providing various call packages to choose from according to your budget and need.

How To Get Zain SIM

You can easily buy the Zain SIM upon your arrival in Saudi Arabia. The only thing you have to do is to show them your traveling documents and they will issue a SIM on your name.

Zain Call Packages

When you have bought a SIM, get it credited and subscribe to call packages. In this article, we have written down all the call packages that are well-suited for Pakistani pilgrims. However, there are prepaid and postpaid both packages based on the type of your SIM. Have a look at them!

For Prepaid SIM

There are total five call packages for prepaid SIMs. In addition to minutes, they are providing bonus SMS and internet for the subscribers.

Hala Package 1

This package has to be bought through an agent at the shop because there is no subscription code. All other details are written below as;

Validity1 Day
Subscription ChargesSAR. 10

Hala Package 2

In this package, they are providing more number of minutes to cater the people who have more needs. And as in the above package, SMS and internet data will be provided as normal. This package will also be bought from the shop agent because there is no subscription code. All other details are as follows;

Validity1 week
Subscription ChargesSAR. 45

Hala Package 3

This package is like wholesome packages as it has SMS, minutes and internet data. This package is a monthly package. To know other information, read below;

Validity1 Month
Subscription ChargesSAR. 140

Shabab Package 1

Shabab package is a great choice for people who do want SMS in the package. However, the validity of this package is not defined and the package will end when you have used all the resources. Other details are written below as;

MBs2 GBs
ValidityNot defined
Subscription ChargesSAR. 59
Subscription CodeSend 59 to 959

Shabab Package 2

This package has a great number of internet data and the validity is defined as well. Read below for the important information that you need to subscribe to this package;

Validity1 month
Subscription ChargesSAR. 130
Subscription CodeSend 130 to 959

For Postpaid SIM

In this SIM, you will pay the bill after you have used the services. However, you can buy a package so that your communication is easy on your pocket. There are total five packages for the postpaid users. Have a look!

29 Control Package

This package is providing call and internet data to the subscriber. This package does not have a subscription code so you may need to avail it through the agent. Other details are as follows;

Validity1 month
Subscription ChargesSAR. 29

29 Postpaid Package

This offer is providing only minutes and no other resources. You will have to contact the shop agent in order to subscribe to this offer as it does not have any subscription code.

Validity1 month
Subscription ChargesSAR. 29

99 Postpaid Package

This package is providing minutes to its subscribers. Other details are written as;

Minutes300 and unlimited minutes for Zain to Zain calls
Validity1 month
Subscription ChargesSAR. 99

Shabab 130 Package

This package is offering SMS and minutes for a period of one month. All other details are written below;

Validity1 month
Subscription ChargesSAR. 130
Subscription CodeSend M130 to 959

199 Postpaid Package

This package is only providing call minutes and no other resources. Kindly read the table below for other information;

Minutes600 minutes and unlimited for Zain to Zain call
Validity1 month
Subscription ChargesSAR. 199

These were all the call packages being offered by Zain Saudi Arabia and we have added all the details along with activation code and much more. If you still have any questions, comment down and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you!

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