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Zain Internet Packages 4G- For Umrah/Hajj – With Activation Code 100%

In this article, we are going to talk about Zain Internet Packages for Hajj/Umrah pilgrims belonging to Pakistan. Zain is offering a wide range of internet packages to choose from in order to communicate with your friends and family on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. In order to make it easier, we have added all the information about the internet packages being offered by Zain.

Zain Internet Packages

Zain is a Saudi Arabia’s network providing company and they are providing internet bundles for the people who have come to Saudi Arabia for Hajj or Umrah. It is better to switch to this network because Pakistani networks used on roaming can prove to be very expensive. There is a wide range of packages for both prepaid and postpaid users. So, let’s have a look and you can choose from these according to your needs and budget.

Buying the Zain SIM

You can buy a Zain SIM from Saudi Arabia upon arriving there. Show your travel documents and you will be issued the SIM for the time period you are going to spend in Saudi Arabia. It is as simple as that.

For Prepaid SIM

There are total five packages being offered at the moment which have been designed to facilitate the users with prepaid SIMs.

Prepaid 4G 50 MBs Package

This is the most minimalistic package around as it has less number of internet day for 1 day. Other details are shown in the table below;

Validity1 Day
Subscription ChargesSAR. 1
Subscription CodeSend D50 to 959
Status InformationSend CA50M to 959

Prepaid 4G 500 MBs Package

This package can be a good option for you if you need fewer amounts of internet access but for a longer period of time. To know what this offer has it for you, read below;

Validity1 Week
Subscription ChargesSAR. 12
Subscription CodeSend D500 to 959
Un-subscription CodeSend CA500 to 959
Status InformationSend CA500 to 959

Prepaid 4G 1GB Package

This package is offering 1GB internet at the lowest possible rates. The charges and subscription details are given in the tables below;

Validity1 Month
Subscription ChargesSAR. 30
Subscription CodeSend  D1000 to 959
Status InformationSend CA1GB to 959

Prepaid 4G 2GB Plus Package

This offer is an exceptional choice for someone who needs a large amount of internet data for a whole month. Subscribe to this offer and use it for the whole month without worrying to re-subscribe.

Validity1 Month
Subscription ChargesSAR. 50
Subscription CodeSend D2000 to 959
Status InformationSend CA2GB to 959

Prepaid 4G 5GB Plus Package

This package is providing 5GB to its customers for the course of 1 month. Details about charges and activation are as follows;

MBs10 GB
Validity1 Month
Subscription ChargesSAR. 75
Subscription CodeSend D5000 TO 959
Status InformationSend CA5GB to 959

For Postpaid SIMs

Zain Saudi Arabia is also offering internet bundles for postpaid users. In this case, you will buy an internet bundle and pay for it later when you have utilized the resources. There are five offers that are currently available.

Postpaid 4G 5O MB Package

This offer is providing the minimum number of internet MBs for a period of 1 day. Other details are shown below;

MBs50 MB
Validity1 Day
Subscription ChargesSAR. 1
Subscription CodeSend A50MB to 959

Postpaid 4G 500 MB Package

500 MB internet is being offered for the time period of 7 days. However, other details are written below in the table. Have a look!

MBs500 MB
Validity7 Day
Subscription ChargesSAR. 12
Subscription CodeSend D500 to 959

Postpaid 4G 1GB Package

In this package, 1GB internet is being offered at the most affordable rate. Below are the other necessary details;

Validity1 Month
Subscription ChargesSAR. 30
Subscription CodeSend D1000 to 959

Postpaid 2GB Package

This is a monthly offer which is offering 2GB of internet data in only SAR. 45. We have added the activation details and other information in the table given below;

Validity1 Month
Subscription ChargesSAR. 45
Subscription CodeSend A2GB to 959

Postpaid 5GB Package

This offer has an immense amount of internet data at the most affordable rate of SAR. 65 for a whole month. Other details are elaborated below;

Validity1 Month
Subscription ChargesSAR. 65
Subscription CodeSend A5GB to 959

Terms & Conditions:

There are few terms and conditions of these packages which we have elaborated so you can proceed accordingly.

  • You will get to avail free balance from these packages
  • When you recharge your Zain SIM for the first time, you will be given 2GB free internet as a reward
  • Once you have utilized your resources, you will be charged SAR. 2 per MB used
  • This SIM is for temporary used and it will stay active for 90 days only

This was all about Zain Internet Packages. We hope that this article helped you but in case of any issues, reach out to us in the below comment section and we will be here to provide assistance.

Thank you!

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