April Fools’ Day SMS

We know that April Fools’ Day is just around the corner and you are looking for something that you can send to your people Do not worry because we are at your disposal to help you out. We have added various posts in which we have added Top April Fools’ Day SMS that you can use to send around. Let’s have a look!

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April Fools’ Day Greeting Messages

Some people are not the jokes or prank type but they still want to contribute in this day full of craziness. For such people, we have added a lot of greeting messages that they can send to their friends and family

If anyone calls you beautiful... If anyone appreciates you for no reason... If anyone thinks you are intelligent… Just smile and wish the person Happy April Fool’s Day
It takes courage to make a fool of yourself and YOU have already done a good job.
Hey, you! Yes, you! It’s your day today. You can be yourself and I know you will do a good job. Happy April Fool’s Day
It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.
Dear Fool, you will always be a fool. Happy April Fool’s Day.
My friend thinks he’s the smartest and feels only an onion can make him cry. So, I just threw a stone at his face and made him realise he was wrong.
Aeroplane aa raha hai dekho.. . .Dikha . Dikha . . Chala bhi gaya Buddhu. upar dekhna chaiye tha na. Mobile mein aayega kya?
Agar Koi Tumhare Paas Aaye Aur Kahe Ke Tum Bewakoof Ho Toh Koi Lamha Zaya Na Karna. Usko Gardan Se Pakadna Aur Kehna Kisi Ko Mat Batana. Happy Fools Day.
Aisa DOSTANA hamara, Main KASHTI tu kinara, Main DHANUSH tu teer, Main MATAR tu paneer, Main RAJMA tu chawal, Main HOT tu cool, Main APRIL tu..?
Aisa Dostana Hamara, Mein Kashti, Tu Kinara. Main Dhanush, Tu Teer. Main Matar, Tu Paneer. Main Rajma, Tu Chaawal. Main Hot, Tu Cool. Main April, Tu ????
Aisa DOSTANA hamara, Main KASHTI tu kinara, Main DHANUSH tu teer, Main MATAR tu paneer, Main RAJMA tu chawal, Main HOT tu cool, Main APRIL tu..?
Watan hamara aisa koi na chhod paaye Rishta hamara aisa koi na tod paaye Dil ek hai ek jaan hai hamari Hindustan hamara shaan hai hamari. Happy Republic Day.

April Fools’ Day English

We know that we have users from all around the world and they have been waiting for this post. So, we have added SMS in English which they can send to their English friends.

A recent study has proved that Fools use their thumb while reading SMS. Now it’s too late, Don’t try to change your finger! Try to catch some other fool!
U r very important to me, Its impossible 4 me to live without U even 4 a second! U r my life & I can feel U everywhere Don't mind! I am talking about oxygen.
U R the one who is Handsome U R the one who is Intelligent U R the one who is Smart And I am the One who is spreading these Rumours.
Someone… Misses U… Needs U… Worries about U Is lonely without U Guess Who? A Monkey in the zoo...
You are really a CUTE person! Just a second, don’t misunderstand. CUTE means: Creating Useless Troubles Everywhere
Today, tomorrow and forever There will be one heart That would always beat for you. You know whose??? Your Own Stupid!!!
Today mms day hai. Mms mean: make monkey’s smile. Stop jumping and keep smiling. Happy April’s Fool.
Aanewala Kal Tumhara Hai. Tumhara Tha. Tumhara Hi Rahega. Us par Tumhara Hi Haq hai. Socho Kyon? Kyun ki kal 1st APRIL Hai. HAPPY FOOLs DAY.
I am surprised at your wit, intelligence, smartness and knowledge. But most of all, I am surprised at my false praise of you!Happy Fools’ Day my friend!!
A crowning moment for fools like you. Enjoy your special day!
I may forget to wish you on New Year's, Holi or Diwali. But I never forget to wish you on your very special day..Happy April Fool’s Day!
Dear Miss BeautiFOOL, U are so wonderFOOL, graceFOOL, playFOOL, powerFOOL and faithFOOL. Earlier U were really respectFOOL & had a colorFOOL nature. But off late, U have been painFOOL and not so peaceFOOL. I wish U were careFOOL & helpFOOL.Love April Fool

April Fools’ Day Funny Wishes SMS

Are you looking for some wishes but not just the simple ones but something fun? Look no more because we have added a collection of funny wishes that you can send to your friends and family and make their day!

“I am charming, you are annoying. I am cool, you are a fool. Happy April fool’s day.”
“I love you, you love me. I love you more, as you are greater fool.”
“Fool is a fool on any day. Happy fool’s day”
“Am I your girlfriend? I am Smart Invincible Splendid Talented Exceptional Romantic….right? In short I am your SISTER…. HAHAHA”
“You are charming, caring, creative. I love to joke and spread rumors. April fool”
“April 1st welcomes new financial year fools. But you are consistent, don’t have to wait for new year. April fool.”
Try talking sense to a fool and he will always call you foolish.Happy April Fool's Day to one such person .. .
Blend a little absurdity for your prudence: it’s good to be silly at the right time.
As long as it’s happening to somebody else everything seems funny.Happy Fool's Day..!
My friend thinks the only food that can make you cry is Onions.. .. . So I threw a coconut at him.
Let us be thanksworthy for the fool; but for them the rest of us could not pursue.
We would all be kings if every fool wore a crown.

We hope that you got what you were looking for. We wish you a Happy April Fools’ Day in advance! Keep smiling and spreading happiness!

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