3 Easy Steps To Check Your Assets via Fbr/Nadra Web Portals

If you are from Pakistan, you would know that paying ta is extremely important for improving the economy of the country. This has caused the governments to take the appropriate system to make sure that everyone is paying enough taxes. To make sure that everything goes smoothly, NADRA & FBR have introduced a new tax filing system which is all online and no one will have to go to the offices and wait in queues.

This tax filing system will make sure that all nationals and citizens have all the knowledge related to the tax payments and the responsibilities that come with it. The web portal made by FBR & NADRA allows the nationals and citizens to check their assets and profile online. But many people do not know how to do that. If you are someone from the same boat, don’t worry because we have got you. We are saying this because we have added How To Check Assets On NADRA & FBR Portal in this article with complete guidelines and other details. So, let’s see what we have added for you!

Registration Details

This portal and initiative were made in order to raise awareness for the taxing system and encourage the non-tax filers to do that. With this portal, users can check the details about the assets, travel history, FBR expenses, and the date of expenses along with everything. Now many people want to know the ways they can register on the portal, so, we have got the complete registration process added for you along with the picture to ensure clear understanding;

First of all, visit the portal and create an account. However, before creating an account, you need to make sure that you are eligible for making an account

Once you are done creating the account, you will have to pay Rs. 500 as registration fee

Where To Pay The Charges?

Well, it is an obvious question and everyone thinks about it. So, you can pay the charges online using your debit card or the credit card. If you want to pay them at some physical institution, you can opt for the NADRA E-Sahulat Franchisee. Once you make the payment, you can easily log in to the account and check the assets and other details

This was all about How To Check Assets On NADRA & FBR Portal and we hope that it helped you to the best. If you have any more queries, you can reach out to us in the comment section below and we will be here to help. If you like the information, share it with your friends and family and help us grow and this economy by paying taxes on the time. Thank you!

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