Symptoms of Coronavirus-According to Physicians’ and Doctors’

The recent outbreak of pandemic disease Coronavirus famously known as COVID-19 has taken the attention of the whole world. All the doctors are concerned about how a normal human being respond to this virus when he gets infected. At first, it was noticed in the Wuhan and even after the isolation of the inner cities and country borders, it took approximately 70 major countries of the world. It is spreading like a bush fire and taking the lives of hundreds of people in a day. This section is written to build awareness among the readers about the symptoms of coronavirus. According to the doctors, the patient can show symptoms from mild to strong and sometimes even worse.

Symptoms of Coronavirus.

At first, the infected patients feel a mild fever, headache, and cough for the first week. In the second week, there is a possibility that their immune system will take control over the virus or the condition becomes deadly leading the patient to an Intense Care Unit (ICU).

Plus make it clear that there are conditions in which patients show some improvement before getting in the worst situation. The same is the case with those admitted to the hospital. It often happens that from the outer side a positive impression of betterment can be seen but in the inner side it is opposite.

Doctors say that those who end up in the ICU are the one who shows delayed symptoms or get infected again. Michel Gong is one of the greatest researchers, working at the Montefiore Medical Center, said that the patients of COVI 19 often seem to be ok at first, and after five to seven days the situation takes the deadly turn. According to her the onset of this virus is very abrupt.

People with Weak Immune Systems

People who have weak immune systems are more suspected to be infected. They get serious pneumonia or bronchitis disease. After being exposed to the COVI you may not show symptoms at all. There are most of cases in adults but children are also getting infected. Even according to the surveys it has been found that there is more possibility of children being infected with this virus.

The situation of the People who feel fine even after getting this virus

Dr. Joshua, who treated nearly 15 to 20 cases, talked to the NBC news channel and said to them that the initial phase of COVID is just a slow burn. Another famous infectious disease expert, named Dr. Christopher Ohl, also said that the infected patients often say that we are getting better but within the next 20 to 24 hours they start getting a fever, severe fatigue, intense cough and get hospitalized again.

According to the center of disease control and prevention, the patient gets worsen symptoms in the second week of infection. After all this discussion and sayings the second week of infection is named as the “crash week”.

Infected Patients Gets Better before Getting Worse

Therapists have told that the patients caught up in this deadly infection will have the minimum support of the oxygen at first and after that, there will be an abrupt shut down of the respiratory system. The oxygen decline is all of sudden at it is grasping mostly elder people and those who have already a respiratory problem. But the respiratory therapists say that this condition is even common in healthy people and young people in their 40s.

Dr. Gong said that people with acute pneumonia and distress of respiratory system do not feel the decline of oxygen at their first ages of COVID 19. She said that she dealt with the multiple patients infected by the COVID 19 and suffering from the cardiac arrest. But this is also sudden. No therapist or doctor predicts that who is going to be through such conditions and who is not.

How can it Will be Diagnosed?

If you feel like you are getting the symptoms of the Coronavirus then immediately see our family doctor. It is better to stay at your place and take precautionary measures before going to the hospital. Because if you visit the hospital, and you still do not have this virus, then you put yourself in a welcoming situation for getting the infection. Call the doctor or the disease center they will guide your next step accordingly or they will come to your place to check are you really infected or not? In some cases, you need to go to the hospital or sometimes your doctor just suggests you stay isolated.

This is about the symptoms of coronavirus (COVID 19). Be careful about yourself and take as many precautionary measures as you can. Keep it in mind that care is always better than the cure. To know about what steps you should take to keep this virus away, visit our page. Moreover, the brief introduction of coronavirus, along with its history is added, as a separate section, on our page. You can read that for more knowledge.

In case you have questions and queries, let us know. We will respond to you on priority. Thank you for your time. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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