Coronavirus History Introduction Impact- Basic Information

These days the most significant and attention taking topic is a killing virus named Coronavirus. This section is written to tell you about the facts and figures of this pandemic virus that is spreading across the globe at the fastest rate. This life taking virus broke in the Wuhan China an became the center of attention for every state.

We have tried to present as much necessary information as we can. This information is leading from the origination to the devastating impacts that it has made until now.

History of Coronavirus

People are thinking that coronavirus out broke suddenly in 2019. But the truth is the opposite. This is the viral infection that has been planning to settle in this world since the 1960s.

The first case of coronavirus was coming in the medical history in 1960 when Tyrell and Byone found a virus named B814 that was found from the respiratory track f an adult. It was said that the boy was suffering from a common cold but did not know that it is something worse than the cold. They tried to inoculate it into the throat of a human volunteer with the purpose to get a demonstration about it. But unfortunately, this experience didn’t end up with markable results. The col were produced in a significant proportion but what happened was that Tyrrell and Boyne could not grow the agent in that tissue culture.

On the other hand, at the same time another virus, with different and unique properties, was successfully grown in tissue culture. That was done by the Hamre and Procknow. They got the sample from a patient that was suffering from the cold.

The virus that Hamre introduced named 229E. The similarity between 229E and B814 virus was hat both of these viruses are ether sensitive. And both of these viruses need to be coated with the lipid layer for infectivity.

At another laboratory, within the same time frame, another scientist named McIntosh et al proved that these viruses that are found in the respiratory tract of the human can be cured of the ether infection. And another finding was that these viruses can grow in the organ culture. They named these microorganisms as OC. On lab test and analysis it was found that these OC viruses and 229E viruses had the same morphology.

Introduction of Corona Viruses

At the end of the 1960s, Tyrrell was studying the animal and human bronchitis viruses that ha the same morphology. And for the first time, the named that group as Coronvirueses.

They gave it this name corona because of their crown-like projection. At first, there was a misconception that these are the viruses that are the same as previous human viruses but later own the misconception was cleared and they found that coronavirus has specifications other than previously introduced viruses.

Finding of Corona Viruses

Researches were kept going on the coronavirus to find out the maximum information about it. It was stated that the chances of acquiring coronavirus are more in winter and spring as compared to the summer season. Moreover, it grows faster in the temperate region. According to the data it was recorded that the infection of coronavirus is contributing to 35% of the respiratory infection. Moreover, it also causes cold in adults. At that time of research in 1960-70 the proportion of causing cold was15%.

Pandemic Impact of corona Virus

To study further about this virus, coronovirologist performed volunteer inoculation of coronavirus in humans. And it resulted from t cause many other respiratory diseases in all ages. the children were getting pandemic pneumonia because of this coronavirus. In adults high upper respiratory infection. In severe conditions, the pathogenic conditions were emerging out as it was leasing to the asthma problem in youngsters and chronic bronchitis in children and adults.

The emergence of SARS Severe Acute Respiratory syndrome Corona Virus

People in 2020 are thinking that this is a new outbreak of the virus. But In the mid of ’90s this virus was introduced and in the whole world nobody took it seriously. There was a misconception that it is just like cold or flu that can be cured easily with steam and some precautions. But nobody considered the severity of the infection. The virus kept getting strong and strong as the years passed. In 2002 it became SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) coronavirus. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome was first observed in southern China where it impacted a large no of population. Even in 2002-2003 it spread with the quantified speed all across the world and took many lives.

It speeded in nearly 29 countries. The main problem was that it started to grow in animals and then it shifted to the human. It is still not clear how did it penetrate the human tissue. But it had put the world on the verge of the end of this creation. COVID-19 is the same virus that has come with more strength and high impacts in 2019- 2020.

SARS coronavirus gave an alarm to the world and reminded them that the animal coronavirus can take place and shift into the human body. It has the potential to attack both humans and animals. However, it remained obscure how does it transmit from one living organism to another or you from one specie to another.

This was the basic concept of history, introduction, impact and characteristic of coronavirus. We tried to build as much knowledge as we could. We wrote this article to highlight the background and emergence of coronavirus. Moreover, the idea was to clear this misconception that coronavirus is a sudden outbreak. We hope that we have delivered the building information and we have succeeded to clear the misconception. For more details of coronavirus and COVID-19 visit our site.

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