How to use Free Facebook Messenger on your Zong 4G SIM

Zong has been introducing many interesting and amazing packages in order to ease its customer. That is why Zong has become Pakistan’s no. 1 network and many people have been shifted to this network. In the section, zong has an amazing offer.

It came up with the Zong free Facebook and Messenger package- Details and Activation. There are people like me, who are still an enthusiast for Facebook and messengers. So, to chat, share pictures and make calls with your loved ones avail this zong free facebook and messenger bundle.

Zong has designed this free facebook and messenger package for its customers to give them pleasure. We have added all the details related to this Zong Free Facebook and Messenger package in this article. Check out the information.

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How to use Free Facebook Messenger on your Zong 4G SIM

  • Turn your Zong 4G data on
  • Go to the facebook app and start it.
  • That’s all you need to do.
  • You will automatically get connected to the zong free facebook and messenger package

What are the offer incentives of Zong free facebook and messenger?

  • You can have the free chatting being on the zong 4g
  • You can share the pictures
  • You can make the call at the standard rates

What are the features of facebook & messenger app?

There are exciting features of Facebook and messenger apps. We are adding pictures with the briefings of what Facebook and messenger allows you

  • It allows you to make a connection anytime, anywhere to anyone
  • You can add the fun art to the photos you share and the video call you make.
  • Easily make video calls and voice calls to anyone
  • It gives you access to any business that matters for you. Not just make it convenient but also keeps you updated with all the latest information and promotions.
  • Now, this is the most exciting thing about facebook. The more attractive chunk of entertainment, you can play games on facebook for free and not just this but a game with a high competition with your friends and family.
NetworkPackagePrice 🏷️Data 📶SUBSCRIPTION CODEValidity 📲
Zong free facebook and messenger Free Unlimited Turn your Zong 4G data on Go to the facebook app and start it. That’s all you need to do. No limitations

Company’s Terms and condition

  • This is for all zong customers
  • The chatting with everyone is free
  • There are no charges in sharing pictures
  • The call will be shared as the basic internet package rate
Is facebook free on Zong?
If you a have the Zong sim, you will be automatically subscribed to the Free Facebook package. However, this will be valid for 14 days when you first buy the Zong number
How can I subscribe Zong monthly Facebook?
The Facebook monthly packages allows the zong users free facebook for whole month. You can dial *250# and you will get free Facebook for whole month in just Rs. 70+tax.
How can check MB on Zong?
If you have subscribed to any Zong internet package, you will need to check your remaining internet data to make sure you do not waste your balance. To check the remaining status, dial *102#.
How do I turn on free mode on Facebook?
If you have bought a new Zong sim and are using free Facebook, you will need to make sure that you have switched on the free data mode. At the top of Facebook app, you will see the “free mode”, click on it and you will be able to use the internet for free.

This was all about the zong free facebook and messenger package-Details and Activation. If you find this article helpful and interesting share this with your friends and family to help us grow. For more informative content visit our site and keep the connection strong with us. You can add comments also in the below section we will try to reach back to you as soon as possible.

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