Zong Internet Packages- Daily, Weekly, Monthly 3G/4G With Activation Code

we are going to list down the Zong Internet Packages to facilitate everyone who is looking for an internet package, As a result, they will know the most suitable package for them.

About Zong Telecom

Zong is a local Pakistani cellular communication provider and is providing Zong Internet Packages. However, this cellular communication company is a Chinese company operated by China Mobile Pakistan and is 100% firm of China Mobile. They care for their customers and provide some of the best and exceptional call as well as internet packages. Their services range from the prepaid to postpaid plans and provide best 3G, 4G internet packages. It is the second largest GSM cellular network mobile service providing company in Pakistan. Right now, the market share of Zong is 19% in the country. Zong also holds a large number of users under its belt and the numbers are tremendously increasing because of their reliable and exceptional services and rates.

Zong Internet Packages 2019 3G/4G Daily, Weekly, Monthly Bundles

Below are the details of packages that a prepaid SIM user can activate and enjoy on their Zong sim. This includes SMS, call package as in both on-net and off-net and lightning fast internet bundles. Check out the details of all the incentives that you can have by using this network:

NetworkPackage NameEconomy20 SecondCircleFlutterZong 30
Charging Pulse60 sec20 sec30 sec60 sec30 sec
On-net/Off-net (Rs./min)1.81.6521.82
SMS Rs. (All Networks)1.310.51.31.3
Mobile Internet (Rs./ MB)44444
Subscription codeDial *310# or Call 310SMS Sub to 931 or Call 310Dial *456# or Call 310Dial *369# & press 1 or Call 310Dial *310# or Call 310
Happy HourYesNoNoyesyes

Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Prepaid Zong Internet Packages

There is a wide range of internet packages offered by China Mobile Company to choose from. Zong Internet packages are divided into different categories; daily, weekly and monthly. It’s up to you which package you want to use based on your need, requirements, and budget. Below you will find the detail of all the packages with all necessary information;

Zong Super Student Package

This internet package is specially developed for the students. Zong offers maximum benefits at the most possible minimum price. It is best for downloading web pages, web browsing and working on assignments to find the best answers to your questions. It caters to all the emergency needs of the students.

NetworkPackage NamePriceMBsValiditySubscription Code
Super Student Bundle5 Rs + tax30MB2 hoursDial *3000#

 Daily Zong Internet Packages 3G/4G

Below are the 3G/4G internet daily package bundles of Zong that you can subscribe to for your day to day use:

NetworkPackage NamePriceMbsValiditySubscription CodeUn-Subscription Code
Daily BasicRS.35100MbMidnight the same dayDial *6464# Expires automatically
Daily Data MaxRS.15500MBMidnight the same dayDial *6464# Expires automatically
Zong Day Time OfferRS.121GBExpires at 4 PMType “DTO” and send it to 6464Type “unsub” in SMS and send it to 6464
Zong Good Night offerRS.122GBExpires at 9 AMType”GNO” and send it to 6464Type “unsub GNO” in SMS and send it to 6464
All-in-1 DailyRS.2040MB, 40 On-net Minutes, 4 Off-net minutes, 400 SMS24 HoursDial *6464#Expires automatically on the same day midnight

 Zong Daytime Offer Code

If you want to enjoy Zong internet during the daytime, then you should activate Zong Daytime offer as it will save you the bucks by paying for the night. This package can be subscribed by dialing a simple subscription code. Below are details of this package:

NetworkPackage NamePriceMBsValidity
Daytime OfferRs. 12+Tax/Day1GBApplicable from 4 am to 4 pm

A large number of users takes advantage of this limited time offer and enjoy super-fast internet using Zong daytime offer.

Zong Daily Unlimited Internet Packages

The users who subscribe to this package will be able to enjoy unlimited Zong internet on activation of the packages that are elaborated in the table below:

NetworkPackage NamePriceMbsValiditySubscription CodeUn-Subscription Code
Good Night OfferRs.12+Tax/Day2GBDaily 1 am to 9  amSMS “gno” to 6464“unsub gno”to 6464
Classified PackRs.5+tax/Day50MB1 DayDial *6464# Expires automatically

 Weekly Zong 3G/4G Internet Packages

A user who needs more than day package because they are in need of more internet access, activate the Zong weekly internet packages and enjoy the full speed web browsing and video streaming for 7 days. Below are the details of the Zong Weekly Internet package:

NetworkPackage NamePriceMBsValiditySubscription Code
Weekly Premium70700MB7 daysDial *6464#
Super Weekly1002GB7 daysDial *6464#

All these Zong weekly internet packages codes are valid for just 7 days and will expire automatically and renewed if you have sufficient amount of credit in your sim.

Monthly Zong 3G/4G Internet Packages

A monthly Zong internet bundle gives you the liberty to enjoy the non-interrupted internet for a whole month. You can select the preferred package according to your needs and budget from a table drawn below:

Network NamePackage NamePriceMbsValiditySubscription Code
Monthly Mini 150Rs. 50150MB30 DaysDial *6464#
Monthly Basic 500Rs. 150500MB30 DaysDial *6464#
Monthly Premium 2GBRs. 3002GB30 DaysDial *6464#
Monthly Premium 6GBRs. 6006GB + free nights (1GB FUP) 1am to 9am/Daily30 DaysDial *6464#
Monthly Premium 10GBRs. 1,80010GB30 DaysDial *6464#

As you can clearly see that Zong internet packages rates are pretty less when you compare them with other local networks’ internet packages.

Zong Social Internet Packages

There are also some unique packages that are offered by Zong to its Pakistani users to enjoy social media because there are people who do not need web browsing. After subscribing to this package, you can use unlimited free Facebook, Twitter, and free WhatsApp. All the details of social internet packages are elaborated below;

Network NamePackage NamePriceMbsValiditySubscription Code
Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter)150Rs. 10100MB1 DayDial *6464# and follow on-screen instructions
Classified Pack (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels & Carmudi)Rs. 550MB1 DayDial *6464# and follow the on-screen instructions
Facebook DailyRs. 550MB1 DayDial *6464#
Monthly Premium 6GB15300MB1 DayDial *6464#
Monthly Premium 10GBRs. 220MB1 DayDial *6464#

 Zong Data SIM Packages

If you only want to use the internet of Zong and no other services like calls or messages, its best for you to buy Zong Data SIM. It’s a special SIM designed that provides you access to the lightning-fast speed Zong internet. This sim only works when put in a Dual-SIM phone. Apart from phones, these Sims can also use on tablets and MBB devices. In the table given below, you will find Zong data SIM packages codes that you can use to activate the required bundle:

Network NamePackage NamePriceGBsValiditySubscription Code
1 Month BundlesRs.5003GB30 DaysDial *6464# and follow on-screen instructions
1 Month BundlesRs.80010GB30 DaysDial *6464# and follow the on-screen instructions
1 Month BundlesRs.15,0024GB30 DaysDial *6464#
1 Month BundlesRs.250050GB30 DaysDial *6464#
3 Month BundlesRs.1,0003GB Month90 DaysDial *6464#
3 Month BundlesRs.18,0010 GB Month90 DaysDial *6464#
Day Time OfferRs.5001GB/Day (9 am-4 pm)As Per BundleDial *6464#

 Zong Postpaid Internet Packages

Zong postpaid users cannot activate daily or weekly internet packages because of company rules and regulations. In postpaid, all the internet bundles are for monthly basis. We have added the details of Zong internet packages for its postpaid users;

Network NamePackage NamePriceMBs/GBsValiditySubscription Code
Monthly Mini – 150MBRs.50150MBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Basic – 500MBRs.150500MBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Premium – 1GBRs.2501GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Premium – 2GBRs.3502GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Premium – 4GBRs.5004GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Premium – 10GBRs.180010GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Monthly Premium Plus – 20GBRs.350020GBTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#
Basic Add OnRs.10100MbTill the Billing Cycle endsDial *567#

 Zong Add-Ons

For someone who believes that the current internet volume is not sufficient for them, Zong has introduced the add-ons. They can get the add-ons to fulfill their internet access demand.

NetworkAdd-On NamePriceMBsAd. VolumeSubscription Code
Basic Add-on10 Rs30MB10MBType “ba” and send it to 6464
Premium Add-on20 Rs80MB10MBType “pa” and send it to 6464


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