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Giffgaff PUK Code How To Retrieve Complete Guide

Giffgaff is a network belonging to the United Kingdom which has over millions of users in the United Kingdom. If you are a Giffgaff network user and have gotten your sim locked, this post is for you. We are saying this because we have mentioned How To Retrieve Giffgaff PUK Code – Guides & Guidelines which you can use to unlock your sim.

The Sims basically get locked when the wrong PUK code is entered or three times or more. If the wrong PUK code is entered three times, the sim gets temporarily locked and if it is entered ten times, the sim will be locked permanently. We have mentioned two methods which you can use to unlock your sim which will make sure that you can make a call & send and receive messages.

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How to Unlock the Giffgaff Sim

Unlike the other networks that have hundreds of ways to unlock the sim if they get locked, Giffgaff only provides one method to gain access to the sim and that is using their website. We have added the step-by-step guide below which you can use to unlock the sim. Have a look!

  1. Use any web browser to load the official Giffgaff website
  2. Once the website has been loaded, log into your account and if you do not have an account, sign up for one
  3. The moment you are done with the account login, go to the menu and you will see the PUK code option
  4. Navigate to the option and click on it. As soon as you click on it, you will be given a PUK code that you can use to unlock your sim

However, if this method doesn’t work out for you, you can email your issue at the customer care support of the Giffgaff. We have added their site link [email protected]

This was all about the Giffgaff sim unblocking through PUK code. If you have any queries and complaints, you can write down in the comment section below and our team will be here in no time to assist you! Thank you!

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