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How To Do Google Play Store Optimization For The Android Apps

According to the stats, 6130 mobile applications are launched every other and the competition is pretty tough if you are launching you are launching your own mobile application. No, there is no way that you stop the launch and postpone your mobile application rather you should make it stand out in the crowd of mobile applications. This is achievable by implementing the ASO strategies. ASO stands for App Store Optimization in which mobile application is optimized to rank it higher in the search results and land it on the home page of the Play Store and Apple Store. If you want an in-depth guide, you have come to the right place as we are talking about How To Do Google Play Store Optimization For The Android Apps in this article. So, let’s dive in!

Keyword Research

We cannot put enough stress on this point! When you are working on optimizing your application, you need to work on the keyword research because it is the most essential step ever! When you conducting the keyword research, you need to keep three points in mind; Relevant, Difficult, and Traffic! Conducting a manual keyword research can be a tedious task but it is not anymore because you use the Google Keyword Planner to find the perfect keywords.

Keywords In The Application Title

You have created the application but now, you need to give it a name, right? As you have already conducted a keyword research and you have a list of keywords, it is essential to incorporate a keyword in your application. However, make sure that the title doesn’t exceed the character limit of 30. As far as the keywords are concerned, you should not use the same keyword twice, rather you can use some other relevant keyword in the title.

Keywords In The Application Description

When you are optimizing the application for the Android, you need to stuff the description naturally with the keywords as Google takes the keywords from the description. The application description allows up to 4000 characters which reflect that you can easily reflect the purpose and features of the application in the most precise manner. In the application description, it is optimum to add the keyword four to five times in the description to optimize better! Last but not the least; make sure your application description is not only mindful but captivating as well.

Make The Audience Fall In Love With The App

If you launch a good application, there are high chances that they will leave better feedback. You can use those feedbacks to post as the user testimonials. These feedbacks will help the users gain better ranking on the Play Store. However, if you do not have good reviews, you can pay the agencies to get you some organic and positive reviews.

Promote The Application

Once you have launched the application, it is time to promote the application. If you have a decent following on social media handles, you can tell the audience that you have launched an application and urge them to download it. Moreover, you can make a small video ad and post it online featuring your application.

These tips for the optimization of the Android application are helpful and will help you rank your application higher on the discovery page and in the search results. This was all about How To Do Google Play Store Optimization For The Android Apps and we hope that it helped you. Stay tuned for more such content. Thank you!

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