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How To Add Location In Instagram Photos – A Complete Guide

With the increase in the use of social media applications, Instagram has been hyped up to a great level and its growth seems to know zilch boundaries. If you have even minor knowledge about the social media, it is safe to say that you will know about Instagram and how big of a platform it is. A few years back in 2012, Instagram was launched and since then, people have been getting hitched to it. It has an amazing feature which allow the users to add the location to their photos and if you have no idea how to do that, we have added How To Add Location In Instagram Photos – A Complete Guide in this article.

Instagram & Location Tagging

When you tag the location along with your pictures, it helps you build the engagement rate and if you are a public figure or a business, having done that is extremely important to reach out to the local community. The Instagram users have gone confident and more intelligent and they love to explore the geotagged photos and if your photo has the location tagged, you might even earn one more follower.

Position Of Location On Instagram Pictures

When you are using Instagram and want to tag the location on your Instagram photos, the location will appear at the top of the post after you publish them on your profile. When you tag the locations, users can click on the locations and they will be able to see all the photos posted at that location. So, if you have location added to most of your pictures, you will gain extensive reach and engagement.

Adding The Location On Instagram Pictures

If you want to make sure maximum reach, you must try tagging the location, you only need to have the Instagram application installed in your phone. Once you have downloaded the application for Instagram and have logged in to your account, you need to capture some good picture or video that you wish to upload. Once you choose the thing you want to upload, you can edit it in the next tab. There are several editing options such as filters, cropping, and brightness.

Once you have completed the editing and when you are happy with the changes, click on the Next button which is positioned at the top right corner. By clicking on that next button, you will be directed to the tagging and caption page. You can choose the caption and write it in the caption section. Then, you can also add the location by clicking on the “Add Location” button.

Add to Photo Map

As shown in the picture of the page, you can fill in the details about the post such as location and you can also tag the people in the photo. Besides, you will be able to see the “Add to Photo Map” and make sure to toggle it on.

Name This Location

Once you have turned on the Photo Map option, “Name This Location” option should pop up. Once it pops up, you need to click on the search bar and nearby locations will be loaded. You can scroll through the list of locations and choose the one where you are at.

Moreover, the locations will be loaded only if you have switched on the GPS from your phone settings and if you don’t want to switch on the location, you can just work on typing the location you are at, and choose the one from the manual list. There are many cases when the search bar does not show any results manually and if you are facing the same issue, you can choose “Add Location” to make your own location.

This personalized location adder allows the users to add the locations if the place is lesser-known and if it is not in the location database of Instagram already. So, you can choose whatever option suits you the best; creating your own location or getting one from the search results.

Add Caption/Tagging/Sharing Details

Now that you have added the location of your choice, it will appear below your username when you post it. However, if you want to add the caption or tag some friends in the photo or video, you can do it by writing the caption in the given space and you can also tag the people by clicking on the “Tag people” option. Then, if you want to share the same post with same location and caption to other social media platforms, you can choose the social networks and then post the picture by clicking on the “Publish or Post” button at the top right corner.

Look for the Location Tag

Once you have added location and posted the photo, you will be able to see the location mentioned under the username.

This was all about How To Add Location In Instagram Photos – A Complete Guide and we hope that you learned how to add the location. If you need further guidance, reach out to us in the comment section below and we shall be here to help. Thank you!

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