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How To Verify Your Google My Business Page – An Ultimate Guide Step By Step

Lately, every business has been talking about getting verified by Google My Business and it got you wondering what that it. Well, not everyone knows and neither did we until we did our research. So, Google My Business is an online listing which has got all the businesses on its radar with their complete information. This listing lets the potential customers of your business find you and get benefitted from your products and services. But nothing happens automatically because, in order to gain visibility on Google My Business, you need to register yourself at that that platform. So, if you want to gain more information about Google My Business, we have added How To Verify Your Google Business – An Ultimate Guide in this article to make sure that you have everything you need to know.

How To Verify Your Google My Business Page – An Ultimate Guide Step By Step

If your business is verified by Google My Business, customers can easily search you, call you, make appointments or reservations, and they can even find you up on Google Maps. It also lets the customers post reviews and feedbacks about your business’ services and products and if you provide good services, you do not need to worry as it will be the type of a free word-of-mouth marketing of your business.

What Goes Wrong?

In this world where everyone thinks they know everything and they are the smartest, many businesses have been making the same mistakes as they think that verifying their business on Google My Business is not the most sensible or important thing to do. But little do they know that it can prove to be very beneficial for their business and can help them market their brand to a wider audience base.

According to the stats, half of the businesses worldwide don’t even bother using Google My Business to get them verified which portrays that almost 50% of businesses are losing their profits and harnessing their marketing. Well, they must not do that if they want to make their business and brand success. In order to make sure that your business doesn’t do that mistake, we have added the complete guideline which will tell you how to get your business verified on Google My Business in precise steps, so, have a look! But before that, let us tell you one more amazing thing about verification on Google My Business and that is your local SEO will be improved a lot if you verify your business on Google My Business. Now, let’s get on with the steps!

Step 1 – Claim Your Google Listing

In the very first step, you need to find out if your business is already up on Google because businesses that are pretty old and operating for years are recognized by Google automatically. So, if you find that your business is already on Google, you need to claim it. However, if your business is not on Google, go to Google My Business and start a new listing. You will need your business’ login address or the Gmail address in order to get access.

When you are working on claiming your business, you will need to make sure that the company’s representative or an authorized person is taking out the procedure. For example, type in the name of your business on Google My Business and you will see things like;

  • Nice job
  • Your business information is incorrect – this shows that you are on the list but you need to correct the information
  • You are on the list – this shows that you need to work on getting on the list as you are not already there

After that, make sure that you look out for your business on the maps to make sure that it is visible to everyone.

For example,

With this, you can easily change the incorrect information about your business and if you want or if it is needed, you can also add the missing information to take out the tag of “incomplete information”. Then, you can easily get your business verified but you will need to make sure that the NAP listing is complete and correct. Other than that, make sure that the information that you added here is in-line with the information that you have added on the other platforms such as on your website or the Facebook page. About the address, you will need to add the physical address as the virtual offices and PO Boxes aren’t allowed.

Step 2 – Verify Your Business

The next and the most essential step is to verify the business on Google My Business and you will be sent the verification code on the email address or phone number that you provided. In the case of local businesses, the two-step verification process will have to be followed. After you have claimed or added the information related to your business, Google will send you a postcard on the mail that you provided which will have a pin code. You need to enter that pin code in order to get verified on the Google My Business platform.

If there is someone else who handles the emails of your business, let them know that they will receive something like that and they must notify you. Once you get the hands on the pin, log in to your account for Google My Business and use the pin as password. This will portray to the Google that the listings are up to the marl and completely correct. It even helps the users make sure that no one else or any false person is claiming your business.

Step 3 – Choose A Business Category

Once you have added the information and got everything done, it is high time that you complete the profile. In this section, make sure you clear all the doubts by adding things that are accurate and to the point. The first thing that you will need to add is the business category and it will help Google identify your business from a specific niche. You need to choose the categories and subcategories while making sure that it is relevant and in-line with your business because at the end of the day, Google only portrays the top three businesses in the search results and you want to be one of those three pack. However, do not add too many subcategories as it can confuse the potential customers and even not seem very accurate.

Step 4 – Add Images

Now, in this section, you will have to add the images and profile pictures because it will portray what your business is like and it will clear out the misunderstanding related to your business. There are some dos of adding photos and images to the business account while you are getting it verified on Google My Business and those have been mentioned in the section below;

  • Do not use your logo as the profile picture as it is too mainstream. You can add the image of your business’ owner as it will make your business stand out in the crowd of other businesses
  • If you want to add the logo, don’t worry, you can add it later as Google provides a particular space for that to make sure that your business is adding everything needed to make it look authentic as it will increase the recognition
  • You must add a cover photo which will appear at the top of the profile and about the resolution, it has to be 16:9 aspect ratio as it is the perfect dimensions for the cover photo according to Google
  • Other than the logo, profile picture, and cover photo, you can add other images such as the interior and exteriors of your business building. You can also add the images of your products and services to give a clear image of your offerings

Make sure that all the images that you have added are crisp and well-focused because blurred images don’t portray anything good. While uploading the photos, make sure that the format of the pictures is either JPG or PNG and the minimum resolution is 720px wide and 720px tall

Step 5 – Add The Business Description

Click on the info link at the menu bar to add the description about your business. The description can be up to 750 characters so you will need to be to the point and accurate.

After that, there are some dos and don’ts of verifying your business on Google My Business and we have got them all for you. So, have a look!


In this section, we have added the points that you must do in order to get the most out of your business on Google My Business. Let’s see what we have got in the house for you!

  1. You need to be honest in telling about your business, the business offering, and other details such as contact details or the details about the products and services
  2. You need to make things catchy and engaging in order to make sure that everything is attracting people into choosing you and your business for their needs and wants. So, add the catchy description
  3. Make sure that everything is optimized in the description and other information


In this section, we have added the things that you must never do to harness the visibility and recognition of Google My Business. So, have a look!

  1. Sure add the keywords but don’t add too many of them as it will degrade the value of the overall text
  2. Do not add any backlinks while writing the descriptions
  3. Do not add capital letter unnecessarily as it can get you banned

This was all about How To Verify Your Google Business – An Ultimate Guide and we hope that it helped you to the best. If you want more information and guidelines, reach out to us in the comment section below and our team will get back to you with all the answers. If it helped you, share it with your friends and family and help us grow. Thank you!

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