Halloween SMS, Wishes, Cards, Quotes and Poems Background & Celebrations

Halloween is one of the most popular events which get celebrated across the western corners, but now this trend has been far into other countries as well like Asian countries have the events and proper parties and celebrations for this festivals. It is considered as an international festival which is to drive away from the evil and ghosts. This is the awaking article about the most famous festival Halloween along with the Halloween SMS, wishes, Cards, quotes and poems. We will be sharing some historical background of the event and considerations upon which this event got so much fame and importance. The celebrations and patterns of festivities will also be described to help you in enjoying the event in the proper traditional way. Stay with us and go through this for a knowledgeable and informative content.

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Halloween – All the Hallows’ Eve – All Saints’ Eve

Halloween is an international holiday that is celebrated on the 31st of October every year. This time, in 2019, the event is coming on Thursday. If this event does not get celebrated by all, still it is acknowledged by everyone as an international festival.

When is this Halloween 2019 event going to happen

the festivity is around the corner and this spooky event gets celebrated every year at the 31st of October. this time it will be on Thursday.


The Origin of this festival is back from the traditional event Celtic festival of Samhain. At this event, people use to wear some classic dresses, blow up the bonfire and folk music. The Celt lived for nearly 2000 years. The areas of the United Kingdom, Ireland and France ha these Celtic festivals and they used to celebrate their new year at the 1st of November. The 1st of the November was considered as the end of the summer days and night and a welcome of cold dark lights that were deadly. The nights of deaths begin. It was assumed by the Celts that before this night the difference in between this world and ghosts (dead) become vague. So the belief of Celt was that before the 1st November, on the night of 31st October all the dead ghosts come to the earth. This evolved the festivity of Samhain to avoid and ward off the ghosts that were coming to the earth.

They were of the opinion that those otherworldly creatures cause the death of people, other than this damages to the crops and al the troubles are because of those spirits. Despite this, they had the idea that all the Druids become able to predict the coming future that eases the rest of the time. They use to found comfort in those long and dark nights of November and later months.

These beliefs and traditions are still provoked in the people but the only difference is the date of New Year is celebrated on 1st January. Rest in the case, all the traditions of Halloween are the same. The festivity begins with the sacred bonfire, around which all the people gather and burn their crops and sacrifices the animals to the deities. They wear the costumes that are made up of the animal skins and heads mainly and tell each other the fortune.

In mid of eight century, the Gregory 3 deputed the day 1st November as a day of honor to all the saints. Later the All Saints’ Day unified with the traditions of Samhain. Some of the activities of festival Samhain’s got to merge with the All Saints’ Day. This evening was at first famous with the name of All Hallows’ Eve and then it got denomination as Halloween. Halloween is just a complete fun night with tricks and treating cravings and costumes, exchanging gifts, gatherings, lightening of lanterns and having sweets.

Now, we are going to share some festivity, sms, quotes, wishes, images and cards greetings with you to make this event glowing with the best wishes and funny texts.


Halloween SMS

Halloween is a sacred community-centered holiday that is celebrated all around the world. But mainly in America, United Kingdom, France, Scotland, England, Wales, Japan, Denmark, Australia, Romania, and North Ireland, etc. the festivities are marked with fun and entertaining activities. There are bonfires, lantern parties, and movie nights. People use to wear ghost costumes and spiritual costumes. They gather at a place to enjoy the night and welcoming the new winter nights. So before all this celebration, it is a good option to send some tricky messages and some horror fun-filled texts to your friends and family. Here we are adding up text messages which you can send to your follows and friends. Let’s have a look for more fun.

Beware of the dark dark night. It is the one in which insects and ghosts appear and bite!… Have a spooky Halloween!
Halloween is near; don’t tremble with fear. Witch-ing you a spooky-tecular Halloween!!!
Are you ready for pumpkin smashing, trick-o-treating, horrific costumes, and lots of spooky fun!…. Have a happy and scary Halloween!!
From goofy to ghoulish, you may never know what is lurking in the dark and waiting for you outside your window this Halloween!……Halloween greetings!
Let the power of Halloween light your broom and also your soul. Create some fantastic costumes, incredible jack-o-lanterns and have fun trick-o-treating!
Do good, be good but don’t be yourself because it’s Halloween my dear!… Have a scary yet full-filled Halloween!!
Get ready for receiving candies and dance like a ghost this Halloween. Have a Happy Halloween!
Pumpkin carving, witch hunting, trick-o-treating and dancing! Enjoy everything and have a bone-chilling Halloween!
Treat me with candy or two and stay warm, toasty and scary!.. Happy Halloween!
Halloween is the best day to show your neighbors how normal you are! So, dress up scary as hell!..
Have a Happy Halloween!!

Halloween wishes

To exchange the wishes is always a part of every festivity. How can we leave this special and scary event of Halloween without exchanging good words with others? I find it really adorable that people in the western areas wish everyone a stroke of good luck on such special occasions, either they are familiar with the other person or the other person is stranger to them.  There is much more to say on Halloween. It is a common practice to appreciate good holidays with good words. So here are the humorous, funny, or exciting Halloween wishes that works as a pigeon of love and spread the blessing all around.

Sending the scariest wishes this Halloween! Dress up in the most frightening costumes and earn lots of candies!…  Happy Halloween!
Halloween is around the corner. Try your best not to get scared by my costume.
Have a Happy and scary Halloween!
Gear up and pick the scariest dress, mask your face and scare everyone around. Have a super-scary and enjoyable Halloween!
Let the power of Halloween charge your broomstick and as well as the soul.
Happy Halloween!
Have fun while dressing up, getting scared, and getting a lot of candies!..
Have a fear-filled Halloween!

Halloween Quotes and saying

Either Halloween is considered as a night of bringing all the spirits at the earth that might cause harm and damage, still, people are lively and commemorate this day with enthusiasm and love. We already mentioned that there is much more to say on Halloween. I believe that according to natural difference, people have different tastes and moos. So here are some sayings and quotes that are motivational, lovely, cute and funny. These are categorized so to make this night more exciting and fantastic through these effective words so have a look.

Hope you have a delightful, frightful and spooky experience this Halloween! 
Revive the inner child of you and dress up in the scariest way possible.
Have a horrific Halloween!!
Visions of witches fill me with excitement. Decorate yourself as the scariest witch in town and get your broom tuned with your costumes.
Happy Halloween!
Zombies and monsters can never be as ghoulish and ghostly as you whenever you dress up like a witch.
Have a scary and happy Halloween!
I am the ghost you need in life, be my host
– Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween sayings and quotes

Here are some happy sayings, to wish your loved ones!
Let your spirit travel in a bottle, it will be addictive
– Happy Halloween!
Sprint on Halloween’s Day can leave your spirit behind.
Live the ghost! 
Between a twisted square and a mangled hole, there is a goalpost waiting for you. Happy Halloween!
May your whine be heard across the rings of Saturn.
It’s Halloween and time for some ghoulish fun!
Just sense the shiver running down your spine… and feel the chilliness of your body. Get ready for some spooky fun on the darkest night of the year
Happy Halloween! 

Cute Halloween sayings and Quotes

If someone is scared out near you, share these words to make him or her chill by memorizing that it is just a Halloween. Go through this and share the quotes with your friends and family!

When witches go riding  and ghosts, goblins and cats are seen, the moon smiles and whispers that it’s Halloween! Wishing you a happy Halloween! 
As the vampires are howling,
be afraid and scared,
for the creatures of the fright
are no longer forgiving.
Have a spooktacular Halloween!

Wishing that you have a Halloween filled with the sight of pumpkins, smell of caramel apples, and the taste of roasted sweet corn.
Happy Halloween! 

My love and warmth are with you, my dear. Enjoy the grandeur of Halloween with all your heart!!
Have a blast scaring people and getting scared.

Funny Halloween sayings

Oh Oh! Halloween is another name of the fun festival, so how can we leave this section. We are adding funny Halloween quotes to bring laughter on the face of the reader.

May you have a scary and fun filled Halloween!
This Halloween all I wish for you is success in your endeavour of scaring people. All the best.
May the splendour of Halloween fill your life with colourful candies!! Make the most of this festivity!!
As the owls fly across the sky
and the black cats howl,
I wish that you have a
hauntingly good time
on the Halloween night!
Happy Halloween! 
May you enjoy Halloween
with spooky sights
and frightful delights.
Have a spooktacular Halloween!

Scary Halloween Quotes.

Want to play a trick with your friend? Share the scary quotes and then make him scary.

Wishing that you enjoy  the darkest night, as the shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen and unknown voices whisper in the trees, saying that it is Halloween! Have a frightfully good time on Halloween!
On the night of the dead,
I wish that you experience
spine-chilling thrill
and creepy adventures
that add cheer to your celebrations.
Have a groovy Halloween! 
May the glowing jack-o-lanterns
light up the darkest night
and brighten up your celebrations
on Halloween.
Have a happy Halloween! 
Hope that you have the craziest
celebrations on Halloween night
with ghosts and witches,
goblins and other creatures of fright.
Happy Halloween!


Halloween Posts

Here is the international celebration so put the status and images on your social sites and make everyone aware of this ay. Share good wishes quotes and pictures on Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp to spread the joy, happiness, and terror of this ay. Have a look below at some posts of Halloween.

It’s the night of the evil and dead  and time to get dressed in your creepiest best. Hope that you have the most happening  celebration on Halloween!
Just like a ghost,
you haunt my dreams…
And love is kinda crazy with
a spooky girl like you.
Wishing you loads of creepy fun on Halloween!

As the evil spirits lurk at your door
and the jack-o-lanterns keep smiling,
I wish that you have a
frightfully awesome time
on Halloween!
Happy Halloween! 


Halloween Cards

Give and take of cards at the events and special days is a common practice of exchanging good wishes and happiness. So we are sharing some good and latest ideas of cards which you can pick up.

Halloween Poems

As the fateful night is coming, we have added Halloween poems and ideas. These poems are spooky that will make you frighten if you hear in the loud sound. Enjoy these spooky poems either alone or with your friends. Have a good luck. Let’s have more fun by sharing these poems with others as well.

A ghostly shadow and  a bloody handprint… It’s the evil spirit lurking at your door… So, give the candies and tasty treats  without my ado… Just welcome the creatures of the dark to drink blood cokes. Wishing you spooky fun on Halloween! 
Hope that this Halloween is full of
magic, fun and creepy surprises
that create memories
you’ll cherish forever.
Have a spooktacular Halloween! 

May the jack-o-lanterns of golden hue
burn bright and pierce through
the future’s veil to show
what destiny holds for you on
the dark Halloween night.
Wishing you groovy surprises on Halloween!

Hope that your Halloween
turns out to be as bright
and beautiful as you are.
Have a cheerful Halloween!

Wishing that you have a night
full of screams and spooky fun.
Have a terrific Halloween!

How to Celebrate the Halloween Eve

So after giving you Halloween posts, cards, tricks, wishes, and other useful ideas, here we are up with the festivities and celebrations. We have given you a brief intro about how people pay honor to this day. Now sharing g some more points. If you want to make things day memorable then have the event with the given arrangements. Here are some party tips.

  • Arrange the party with bonfire first
  • Have the costumes of otherworldly creatures and spirits that are made up of animal’s skins and heads (mostly).
  • Host the party with the horror and scariest movies.
  • Play the horror Halloween Poems in a loud sound
  • Manage the dining with the foo in blood-red color and scariest form, like cupcakes of eye-shaped.
  • Decorate the event spot as a haunted house.

This was about the most famous festival Halloween along with the Halloween SMS, wishes, Cards, quotes and poems. We explained the background with the celebrations of this day. We hope that you enjoyed this reading. If you like our post share it with your friends and family and help us to grow. For more informative content visit our site and have fun. In case you want to add something or want some more ideas, do write to us in the comment section below. We always appreciate your ideas and recommendations. Stay tuned and connected with us for more updates.
Happy Halloween!

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