Muharram- Who is Hussain, Ashura, Activities, etc

Muharram is just around the corner and every Muslims show up some concern towards it. Along with the complete demonstration of Muharram here, we will add the briefings about the day of Ashura, Introduction to Who is Hussain, What are the activities of Muharram, and Why Muslims Commemorate Muharram.  Other than this here we will be adding up some different sayings that are related to Muharram ul haram and Ashura. Some sayings of Imam e Hussain are also added up here. For complete details and better understanding give this article a read. See all about Muharram- Who is Hussain, Ashura, Activities, etc

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What is Muharram

Muharram is one of the most important months of Muslims. This is the first month of the Islamic year. This year, in 2019, Muharram is starting from the1st September 2019. Muharram starts with the crescent moon. It is considered as the month of grief and sorrow. Different people have different feelings for this month. Not just Muslims but many Hindus, Jews, Christians, and people belong got Different Religions to believe in this month and show up their concern towards it. They all respect this month and shows the positivity in society.

This is the month which revises the whole tragedy of Karbala. The month reminds us of the sacrifice of Hussain A.S and their family members. Though all of the people remember this as a month of Hussain and Karbala this is not just, Muharram is the month of many Islamic events. The Prophet Nooh A.S left the Ark and the Prophet Moosa A.S saved himself from the Pharaoh.  Hazrat Moosa A.S crossed the Red sea with all his companions and succeeded as a man of Allah Almighty.

The Day of Ashura

Ashura is a day of mourn and sadness. The family of Hazrat Ali and Bibi Fatima (s.a) made sacrifices on this day. This is the day of calamity and bale. All the nearest and dearest of Hussain ibn e Ali stood with him against the Yazeed. Husain along with his sons and brothers and companions testified and embrace the martyrdom. Muslims on this day shut down their businesses and spend two days in the remembrance of Husain.

Who is Hussain (A.S) and How the event of Karbala started?

Hussain is the son of Ali and Fatima. He was born in Medina at 626 January and died in October,680 in Karbala. Hussain was the man of honor and pride. He was the grandson of the last Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (Peace be upon him). After the death of Muaviyah, Hussain refused the legitimacy of Yazeed, Muaviyah son. Many letters got exchanged but Hussain remained on his point. Later the things became difficult to handle and Hussain had to leave the Medina, city of his Grand Father. Not just Hussain but his wives, sisters, daughters, sons, friends and other companions moved with him. While he was in Medina he receives many invitations from the Kufa. The people of Kufa invited Hussain to raise the voice against the rebellion and revolt. They assured him that all the people of Kufa love Hussain and they will stand by his side.

While he was on his way, he met with a person named Al-Farazdaq, the poet. He told me that although the hearts of the Iraqi people were for Hussain their swords are bought by the Calip of Iraq. And later he told that The Caliph, Yazeed ibn e Muaviyah had sent the troop of nearly 40,000 men. He further added that ‘they are coming to arrest you and your small band of family and friends’.

Hussain was the man of God, he refused to greet the Yazeed. He did not get frustrated with swords and Troops but stood alone in the end, after sacrificing his 71 sons and companions. It is said that Karbala is not an event but a tragedy, where Hussain faced Hardships, difficulties, and calvary of his 71 family members and friends, but stood encouraged. Not just this but he thanked God for selecting him as His man.

Hussain and his companions, all 72 persons, died near the Euphrates River in Karbala. They died thirsty and hungry.

Sayings of Imam Hussain ibn e Ali

Here are the sayings of Imam Hussain ibn e Ali, have a look.

What Activities Muslims Do in Muharram and why?

Muharram is the holiest month after the month of Ramadan. Allah almighty said this Islamic month as his month. This month is considered as the month of sobbing, weeping, grieving, moaning and lament, in the reminiscence of the martyrdom of Husain ibn e Ali. In this month the Shia community arrange Majalis and wear black clothes as a symbol of grief.

On 10th day of Muharram mostly Muslims fast for the Hussain. Shia people say it ‘faqa’, the duration of which is from Before sunrise till afternoon. But Sunni people do complete fasting till Maghrib, evening.

Shia Community spread “Dastarkhwan” and “Tabaruk” in the name of Hussain. Not just this but their children offer Juices and water according to their capacity and capability. Many Shia Flagellate too in this month. Some go to visit the Shrine of Imam Hussain too.


Muharram is the holy month of the Islamic calendar. The Islamic year started with this month and this is the month of God. Many events are related to this month but most specifically it is remembered due to martyrdom of Hussain ibn e Ali and his companions. The tragedy of Karbala is unforgettable. People follow different activities to spend these days of Mourn and grief.

We hope that you developed a better understanding of who were Hussain, what Karbala was and wh Muslim respect the month of Muharram. If you liked it share this with your friends and fellows and make them learn about this important month. Your sharing will help us to deliver you better content with informative writings of events and technology. If you want something from us then do write to us in the comment section given below. We always appreciate your participation and concern. Thank you for your read and time. Stay tuned and stay connected with us.

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