Remembrance Sunday SMS- Celebration, Honor and Grief

In our recent post, we gave a detailed content on Remembrance Day. For some, it is the day of celebration and appreciation but some take it as a day of sorrow and grief. This is the day of silence. As an event comes across, everyone engages in sending or receiving relevant SMS specifically of that day. So, here in today’s article, we will be discussing the Remembrance Sunday SMS along with the brief introduction of the Remembrance Day. Share these SMS with your friends and family and start the event with a new sense of gathered mind. Have a look at the Remembrance Sunday SMS- along with Celebration date of 2019- Background.

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Remembrance Sunday SMS

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Introduction to Remembrance Sunday.

Remembrance Day was known as Armistice Day.t t5his symbolizes the end of World War 1. The commemoration of this day is to pay the gratitude to the armed force of Australia. On this day people gather at the cenotaph and give a still stand with 2 minutes of silence. The Remembrance Day gets celebrated on every 2nd Sunday of the November.

Remembrance Sunday SMS

Coming to the main concern of the article, here we are adding up different SMS relevant to the remembrance Sunday. At the start, we mentioned that this is not a day of single feeling but different people have a different feeling for this day. Some of the people take this as a day of celebration and pays gratitude to those who showed up courage in the battlefield. And some of the people take this day as a mourning Sunday which marks the sacrifices of the soldiers who died in the World War 1 and the wars afterword war 1. Above all many people have a sense of rebellion and aggression towards this day. So we will be sharing the SMS relevant to all emotions. Give a read

Though you have passed away. And those who loved you dearly Are thinking of you today. We are forever grateful for your service to our country and our people.
My warmest wishes on
Memorial Day 2019 and deepest gratitude
for the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen heroes.
Warm wishes to you and your family on Memorial Day
Our deepest gratitude goes to the fallen men and women.
We are forever grateful for the ultimate sacrifice of those who died for the Unites States of America.
May their courage and dedication will never be forgotten.
On Memorial Day, let us honor those who gave their lives for our country. My warmest wishes on Memorial Day and deepest gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen heroes.
Thank to those who gave their lives in service to our country, Thanks for their invaluable contribution.
A big thanks to all brave-hearted martyrs who laid down their lives for the country.
Expressing gratitude to all the military personnel for their supreme sacrifices on this memorial day.
It’s the Memorial Day Weekend.
Hope you have a memorable one!
Wishing you a beautiful Memorial Day weekend.
In honor of all the veterans as well as the active service members.
Thank You for all you do.
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
love leaves a memory no one can steal.
Thinking of you with pride on Memorial Day!
Remember our fallen heros.
They are the reason that we are free.
They never came back,
their silence lives on.
May we never forget that this freedom came at the price of toil and blood.
The brave die never, though they sleep in dust:
Their courage nerves a thousand living men.
Wishing you a peaceful and blessed Memorial Day
On this day of prayer and remembrance.. let the memories of the gallant martyrs.. be with us.

Remembrance Day SMS- For Celebration

Here we are adding up the SMS for those who consider this day as a Sunday of Happiness and appreciation. So enjoy the SMS and share with your friends and family

Remembrance Sunday SMS- of Grief and Sorrow

Most of the people express the sorrow on this day and take a silence of 2 minutes at sharp 11 in the morning. It has been a common practice in the United Kingdom and many other areas that exactly at 11 a bell rang from the churches and everyone takes a still position. They neither move nor talk. Every living human and non-living things like trams, cars, and buses stop. The factories and business get ceased for two minutes and everyone stops working. This is because they all bow down their heads to remember the sacrifices and efforts of war soldiers.

Here are the sms of grief for the Memorial Day. Have a look.
The brave hearts never die… they sleep in the embrace of their soil.
They were smart, handsome and died young, all for us.
Salute to our fallen stars.
If you can read this, thank a teacher.
If you can read this in English, thank a soldier.
Memorial Day is about honoring the martyrs who gave away their breath to hold our flag high.
Memorial Day
Honoring the Heroes who served to hold our flag high.
Salute to the heroes who gave their life for something bigger… the nation.
On this Memorial Day…
let the memories of the dauntless and valiant martyrs be with us.
Hail the military men and women who forgo their lives so that we can live.
Let us all remember those courageous souls…
who laid down their lives to keep our nation safe.
Warm wishes on Memorial Day!
We don’t know them all
but we owe them all.
They never came back… their sacrifice lives on.
Remembering those who gave their blood, sweat and life in the line of duty.
Remembering those who gave their all is not a duty, it is love, a hug and a big thank you.
America in my heart, mind and deed.
Heroes will be heroes, their silence cruel, their sacrifice supreme.
Prayers for those who have lost for keeping us safe. May God be protector of those who are currently in line of duty.
Memorial Day is for remembrance and prayers for the departed.
Veterans Day is when we observe those who live on beyond their war engagements for the nation.
This Memorial Day let us honor our heroes who gave their today for our flag.

Remembrance Sunday SMS- of Honor

the remembrance Sunday is the day of honor as well here we are adding the SMS which shows the honor to those soldiers and provoke the sense of courage and integrity. Have a look

In memory of our fallen Heroes For all who gave their yesterdays, A thank you today- On this Memorial Day!
Praise the military men and women we have lost
and continue to pray and support our military men and women
who are still out there keeping us safe.
Let us remember that Memorial Day is not for vets-
that’s what Veterans’ Day is for- and we dont observe it,
we “commemorate” the day in remember and honor of those
who died defending our Constitution and,
thus, our right to do and say damn fool things.
I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who have served and are currently serving in our military for all that you do and all that you are.
Thank you to all of you who have sons or daughters, husbands or wives, brothers or sisters or other loved ones for their sacrifice and the sacrifices you have made to support them.
I owe you all for my rights and freedom. Thank you!
Let us all remember those courageous souls..
Who laid down their lives to keep our nation safe.
Warm wishes on Memorial Day!
Wishing you a peaceful and blessed Memorial Day
Greater love hath no man then this,
that he lay down his life for his friends. 
With gratitude we remember, always.
May we never forget
freedom isn’t free..
All gave some..
some gave all
Remember them this
Memorial Day
Let us remember those who sacrificed their lives for the peace and security of our country.

This was about the Memorial Day SMS. We categorized the SMS into 3 so that you can select the sms of your own emotion and sense. But here I would like to request you to think what this day convey. Try to understand the correct sense and reason for this day. This is not just a festival but a day of the lesson. Give us recommendations in the below comment section and share the article if you really get what you were looking for. For complete details, posts, wallpapers, and quotes of Remembrance Sunday visit our site. thank you for your time!

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