What is Remembrance Sunday- History and Festivities

The months of festivities and celebrations are round the corner. We have observed that after the august there are many festivals and special days which need to be discussed. These are some highlighted celebrations that worth your time and concern. You must be well aware of what happened in the fast and what is the reason for the holiday or celebration you are having today. So here, we are up with all the detailed updates, dates and festivities of a famous holiday, Remembrance Sunday. We will take a short tour to what is this day and why this worth as a national holiday in the United Kingdom. Then we will have an eye on the festivities that how people spend this day and what are the prominent features of celebrations, we have, on this day. have patience and give a read.

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What is Remembrance Sunday- History and Festivities

What is Remembrance Sunday?

Remembrance Sunday is one of the most famous holidays that is commemorated in the United Kingdom. People celebrate this day in the remembrance of the dead people. Those who died in the wars. This is a day to pay gratitude to those who sacrificed their lives to save the nation and laid on the death bed to nourish the motherland.

History of The Remembrance Sunday.

Well, if we consider the duration then it is nearly 99 years when the British took the first stand of silence. This happened when World War 1 ended up. They make a period of silence and stood still to pay thanks to the souls of people, who sacrificed their lives to save the British rule. At 11th of the November, in 1918 the war was put on the suspension. People started to believe that war is no more and the peacetime is coming. however, nothing was like this. The war was just crease fired for the time being. Later in June 1919, the war was officially ended up by signing the peace treaties. after the war ended up many victory parades were arranged in the summer of 1919. But the majority of the people from the public and even from the army refused to participate in that triumphant. They focused to have time to remember those who sacrificed their lives so that we could live in peace. After this proposal, the Remembrance Sunday, got celebrated all across the United Kingdom. At this day, despite the exhalants, the announcement was made, recalling that “today is the peace day”.

When Does This Day Get Celebrated?

The ceremony of the remembrance Sunday is celebrated all across the united kingdom on the second Sunday of November. In this year, 2019, the Remembrance Day is coming on 11th November.

Prominent Features of The Remembrance Sunday.

Now here are some prominent features of remembrance Sunday. These are the cenotaph in the white hall and the silence. It is by traditional that people gather in the church everywhere near their approach and then at share 11 they all take a silent position. Many people carry the dresses as they are going for the funeral. We consider this s a day of celebration but, indeed it is a day of mourn. Cenotaph so the place where all the people gather to play the activity of this remembrance Sunday. The activity which they perform after getting at the cenotaph is the two-minute silence.

The king takes the initiative and then after this at share 11 AM all the people take a standstill and silence for 2 minutes. They bow down their heads and think about those who died in the war. They feel pain for them and with the sense of gratitude stand for them.

Who Organizes the Call and Gathering?

It is obvious that to make a call and to arrange all people at a single point there is the need for some organization that performs this task effectively without disturbance. But to unite the whole nation and to stop the whole nation at a time is not a simple task. It cannot be handled by just a single organization, working from a single platform. But they devised a way to make it practical. Maroons or Church’s bells are used to announce the silence. Once the bell rings all the things come to the still position.

It is observed worldwide that on the ring everything, everywhere stops. The buses on the roads, the boats ion the sea, the rides, the working in the offices, studies in the educational institutes, factories halted and even the electricity supplies cut off to stop the trams. It is noticed that everything comes to the still position at share 11 AM, once the bell rings. Even the royal ship in the oven, the navy operations and the rest tasks stop at the announcement.

The time described these two minutes on the second Sunday of November as the awful great silence, observed all across the United Kingdom. The essence of mourn without the sound is get felt at that time. You can feel the pain everyone is thinking about. This is appreciate-able practice. It seems like the cycle of life has been stopped for two minutes. Pedestrians stop in the position regardless of where they are and what they are doing.

It is that people gather at the cenotaph but, you can observe the silence everywhere. You do not need to go to a specific place. But most of the people go out to take the two minutes of silence with the other people in the public places. This remembrance Sunday is the temporal day that comes once in a year but people prepare their children and their minds to welcome this day.  After these two minutes of silence, the church activities and army, chaplain go for the whole day.

Other Remembrance Day Tradition.

as the time [assed many other countries also adopted this tradition an. in November 1920, an unknown worrier was buried in the Westminster Abbey. here in the tomb lies a common man, ordinary serviceman. he was buried in the morning and then till the afternoon many people, nearly tens of thousands, visited him. to pay the gratitude to the ordinary serviceman. the tomb is raised to give respect to the ordinary man who served the community. it is estimated that over a million people visited his tome in the first week.

The tomb was made to honor the serviceman and to pay relief to those who survived the war. There was the famous poppy campaign. The artificial poppies are sold to support them in need ex-servicemen. The money earned by selling the artificial poppies is added to support the Earl Haig Fund which helps the needy soldiers. The former soldiers made the poppies and then ensure their enrolments. After this the poppy got famous and now these are used as the symbols. It spread all over the world in a way that its absence became the strong clue to solve the mystery of Dorothy L. sayer’s murder, in n1928. As it was claimed, the victim could not have died in that manner.

There are now some other aspects of this peace day as well. Postwar Britain was the unfit land that was not settled economically. People were not receiving enough aids and the time came when the ex-serviceman became tired of surviving through never-ending dead veterans. In the 1920s’ the soldiers that were the cause of consent was coming at the Cenotaph and here they disturbed remembrance and peace.

This day is also referred to as Obligation Day. And yes, this day is also associated with drinking, dancing, celebrations, and parties. This is because some of the people believed that those who died saved themselves from the four years of continuous suffering then why should not we celebrate it. They consider this the day of celebration and appreciation.

Later in 1925, the commemorative idea was canceled out. In the late 1920s, a dullness and soberness were seen in the ceremonies. They became so less. But then in 1934, a union named; Peace Pledge started to sell the white poppies again.

Conclusion of The Content

this was about the Remembrance day. in the end, I would like to end up the article by highlighting some important points of Remembrance Sunday, and that areas; it is not a unified national day. yes, it is true that people celebrate this event with some common practices as silence and holding a stillstand positing. but still, many ideas provoke up high. not all the people label this day a the day of sorrow or mourn but several people believe this day a day of celebration and excitement.

many activities are involved in this day. many church activities take place every time on this day. the day is celebrated on the second Sunday of November and the time of silence is 11 AM. there is the number of responses we have seen on this day. people show aggression, love, gratitude, anger and sometimes triumphant. and I believe that as it is going on over 99 years it will remain the same in the future. nation s and nations will build up giving there own opinions and responses over this day but they will not come to a single point.

here I invite you to at least think this time. on the remembrance, Sunday, give some time to yourself and think what are the causes and consequences of war. what role you are playing in supporting your country and what you should do to help those who are suffering.

this was all about your side. here is the end of Remembrance Sunday. we tried to compile as much data as much it is easy to grab. for more historical events visit our site and share our article if you like it. this will help us grow. if you want information regarding any topic then do let us know, we will try to help you in all way. write the comments in the given section and give us recommendations. we always appreciate your concerns. there are a lot of knowledgeable pieces of articles present on our site. go then and take a visit to get the information. stay connected with us and stay tuned. thank you for your time!

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