How to Save Rs. 2000 with Zong Mobile BroadBand Reactivation Offer

Zong is Pakistan’s no. 1 choice because it is the network who fulfills its promises. Zong connection is trying it is hard to satisfy its customers by fulfilling their needs and demands. For this reason, zong has been in a chain of continuous struggle to compete for the telecommunication world. Here zong gives you Zong mobile BroadBand reactivation offer by which you can save your 2000 Rs. For details go through the article and get the best zong offer

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Zong Mobile BroadBand Reactivation Offer

Here is the good news for zong customers who were on the MBB Device but they were not using it. Here is the half package for them. So if you did not use your MBB device or number since the 27th of October 2018, then do not waste your time and get back to your Mbb Device with 50% discount. This is an amazing offer in which you can enjoy the complete bundle in the half payment. You can reactivate you MBB network in just rs 2000 and get 108 GB of data for the next three months (3 months)

Zong BroadBand Reactivation Offer Incentives

We are sharing offer incentives here to assist you. Have a look below

  • Zong is giving its MBB customers a 50% discount
  • You can reactivate your Zong mobile BroadBand Reactivation Offer in just Rs.2000
  • On reactivation, you will have the data of 108 GB for the next three months
  • Monthly you can use 36 GB data volume
  • Zong Mobile BroadBand Reactivation Offer is valid for the three months (3 months)

How to activate Zong mobile BroadBand Reactivation Offer

Now the question arises here is how to activate this Zong BroadBand Reactivation Offer on the MBB number or device. Here we have two methods. You can subscribe to the offer by just visiting the site and following the instructions given there. Or dial the subscription code without visiting any site. We are guiding you the steps of both methods

Zong Mobile BroadBand Reactivation Offer Subscription through Site (Method 1)

  • Firstly, go the Activate Zong Mobile Broadband Reactivation Offer
  • Enter your MBB number in the required space
  • Then select the subscribe button by clicking on it
  • In some time you will get your number to reactivate again with the subscription of Zong mobile BroadBand Reactivation Offer

Zong mobile BroadBand Reactivation Offer by dialing the Code

Activation of an offer by dialing the code is simple as well you are required to follow some of the simple steps given below

  • Dial the Subscription code which is *6767#, from the Zong Master Number
  • In the browser, use the interface of the device. This is to reach the exact address Web Ul and dial the pin as
  • For this purpose, you can also use your “My Zong App”
  • In case you are having a problem in developing understanding or subscribing the package or reactivation, you can visit your nearest zong franchise.

How to Check from the Zong Mobile BroadBand Reactivation Offer’ Remainings

To check how much MBs you are left with, simply dial the checking code, or even you can visit the MY zong App. For checking the remaining MBs we have the following options. Have a look below

  • Dial the checking code *6767# from any Zong Master number and then go for the MBB usage option no. 5
  • If you want to check directly from zong MBB number then dial the code *102#
  • Or you can visit the My zong App for knowing how much remaining MBs od data do you have.

Zong Mobile BroadBand Reactivation Offer’ Eligibility

All the zong prepaid Mobile broadband customers who did not have to use their MBB number since @th October 2018 are eligible to enjoy this amazing 50% discount offer.

How to Check from the Zong Mobile BroadBand Reactivation Offer’ Eligibility

  • If you are a zong MBB customer and want to check that either you are eligible to subscribe on this network or not, then do not worry and simply dial he checking code mentioned here.
  • Eligibility Checking Code: dial the code *6767# from any zong number and proceed further according to instructions
  • You can also check the eligibility status by just sending a simple sms. Type ‘Check’ space “MBB Number’ and send it to 6234. You will soon get a response from the system.

Company’s Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is for the prepaid customers only
  • Eligible customers are those who have not used their devices since the mentioned date
  • Al the 6 months and yearly packages can be subscribed by reactivating this Zong Mobile BroadBand Reactivation Offer
  • This is a short time offer, limited to a certain period only
  • Using this, Zong Mobile BroadBand Reactivation Offer, zong customers can easily subscribe to Ad-on as well.

This was all about the new bombastic and amazing offer of zong. If you are zong prepaid customer then do not make delays and avail the offer as it is here for a very short time. for further queries and issues you can ask us by giving comments in the below section we will respond to you soon. Visit our site for more informative content and stay connected for staying updated.

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