Zong Monthly Facebook Package 8Gb – Validity, Price, and Eligibility

Zong is famous for easing the life of its users and they design amazing packages for them to make sure that they are hooked to them. This is the reason that people love Zong and more and more people are shifting to this network, thanks to the affordable and compelling packages.

Like before, Zong has introduced a new package for the people who love to use Facebook. Want to know more about it? Don’t worry we have got the details about Zong Monthly Facebook Package – Details & Activation in this article.

Just like this Facebook package, Zong has also introduced its famous WhatsApp monthly package in the past but that is not our concern as we are only talking about Zong Facebook Package in detail.

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Zong Monthly Facebook Package Details

In this section, we have added the details of Zong Facebook package and everything users need to know before subscribing to the package. So, let’s have a look!

  • It allows the users to have 8GB internet for Facebook along with Facebook messenger
  • The offer is valid for 30 days and the charges would be Rs. 50 exclusive of tax

Zong Monthly Facebook Package Activation Code

There are three ways users can subscribe to this package; through call, website and SMS

  • If you want to get it activated on the call, just dial *250#
  • If you want to get it activated on the SMS, send “mfb” to 6464
  • If you want to get it activated online, you can visit the official Zong website

Zong Monthly Facebook Package Validity, Price, and Eligibility

  • The package can be subscribed for Rs. 50 exclusive of tax
  • The package will be valid for 30 days
  • Every Zong user with a prepaid sim can avail this offer

Status Check

If you want to check the remaining internet and MBs from the package, there are two ways to check it; call and application

  • If you want to check the remaining internet MBs through call, dial *102#
  • If you want to check the remaining internet MBs online, you can download the application “My Zong App” and check in the usage history tab


If you want to deactivate the package, you can simply send “UNSUB mfb” to 6464 and the package will be deactivated

Few Things To Know

Before you subscribe to this offer, you need to know some things to be sure and we have added all those answers in this section, so, let’s have a look!

  • Once the MBs from the package have been used, Rs. 1 will be charged per MB
  • The offer will be subscribed on its own which mean that it is an auto-recursive offer
  • The MBs can be used only for Facebook and Facebook Messenger to send and receive messages

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer can be availed by the Zong prepaid users only
  • The suspension period is for 7 days
  • 5% sales tax will be applied to the offer
  • 5% advance income tax will be applied on the offer
  • You can call on 310 for further assistance

This was all about Zong Monthly Facebook Package – Details & Activation and we hope that you like the package. If you have any queries, you can reach out to us in the comment section below and we will be here to help. If you like the article, share it with your friends and family to help us grow. Thank you!

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