April Fools’ Day History And Reasons

In this article, we have written about the April Fools’ Day – History And Reasons. Read on for all of those things;

April Fools’ Day History

We all have been celebrating and been hearing of April Fools’ Day since we were kids. We have always been wondering how it all started and what is the April Fools’ Day  History & Origin. To make sure that our readers are not deprived of any information, we have written about the history and origin of April Fools’ Day.

So, it all started in 1700 when a bunch of English pranksters started this annual tradition by playing practical jokes and pranks on each other.

The April Fools’ Day has been celebrated by numerous cultures in different ways but no one knows the exact origin of this tradition. There are many theories on how it all started but the exact origin is still a mystery waiting to be resolved.

According to some history researches, the April Fools’ Day originates from four centuries ago in 1582 when the rulers of France started using a Gregorian calendar instead of the Julian calendar. A vast majority of people did not get the idea of calendar switching so they kept on celebrating the start of New Year on 1st April instead of 1st January. This is the most popular theory and many historians think that it is the correct one.
It was the 18th century when April Fools’ Day started to gain popularity throughout Britain. In Scotland, the tradition was celebrated for two days. On the first day, people were sent for phony errands as a sign of foolishness. On the second day, practical jokes were to pull on each other to celebrate the day.

April Fools’ Day Reason

Everyone around the world has been hearing and celebrating the April Fools’ Day whether it is America or Asia but no one actually knows the April Fools’ Day – Reason and why it is celebrated. So, we have researched about it and we have written the reason why 1st April is symbolized as a Fools’ Day.

This day has not been proven to be belonging from a specific region of origin as there are way too many theories about its coming to existence. The most popular yet somehow making sense type of theory goes back in 1582. It is said that the King of France changed the Julian calendar to a Gregorian calendar. This is when people got confused by the new dates and kept following the old calendar and celebrated the New Year on 1st April. Then, the people who got adjusted to the calendar made fun of people who couldn’t and this is how it all started.

Apart from the above-mentioned theory, researchers say that this day is celebrated in honor of Greek Mother of Gods, named Cybele, which includes parades, jokes, pranks, and masquerades.

These are the information we could collect that made sense. We hope that this helps our readers!


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