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How To Confirm Your Identity On Facebook – The Important Hacks

That blue tick in front of the page name fascinates all of us and we all want to get hold of it, no matter what. Many people want it for boasting in front of their friends and competitors but to be honest; having a badge makes you authentic and credible in the eyes of the audience base. So, if you want to verify your Facebook account or profile, we will help you as we have added How To Confirm Your Identity On Facebook – The Important Hacks in this article.

Why You Should Verify The Facebook Profile Or Facebook Page?

Having a social proof on Facebook demands time, efforts, and many things more to send a signal to the audience that for us, our business is important. This tells the audience that we are ready to invest efforts in our business which increases the business credibility. This is exactly how the badge helps!

Whenever someone from your target audience visits the profile and see the badge in front of the page name, they get a signal that this page is authentic and not run by the fake people. There are tons of fan pages as well so this badge clears all such doubts. With the badge, they will be able to build a trusting relationship and they even get in touch if you are a business to buy your products and services. This also sends a signal that your social media marketing game is up to the mark. Last but not the least; if your account is verified with a badge, it will rank higher in the search engine results as well.

Difference Between Blue Badge & Grey Badge

  • The blue badge is allocated to the media companies, public figure, and the famous business brands
  • Grey badge is allocated to store locations and small-scaled businesses. The grey badge is easy to earn as compared to the blue badge but it still adds credibility factors to the page.

So, if you’re a large brand such as the global brand or a multinational chain, you will need a blue badge. However, if you are a small business that can be named as a local business, a grey badge is the one you should opt for!

Can Anyone Get Verified on Facebook?

Well, the answer to this question can be both yes or no. This is because there re terms and conditions and some rules to follow to earn a badge and if you do, you can earn a badge.  However, if you are not complying with the rules, no matter how big of a brand or person you are, you will not get the badge.

For instance, if you want a grey badge, you can add the location to your business on the Facebook page and you will get the grey badge. If you belong to the category of local business, company, public figure, and the organization, you can easily earn a badge.

However, if you want to get the verification badge for the personal profile the policies are a little strict such as having heft number of friends and much more.

How to Verify Your Facebook Page

Before we start with the application submission and writing guidelines, you need to make sure that your page looks the best. This is not a mandatory requirement but when Facebook reviews your application, it will surely add the weight. The basic things that you must add to add weight include a website, an about section, the contact details such as address and phone number along with compelling and captivating content on the page. Also, you need to be from the category of local business, company, public figure, and the organization to earn a badge.

The Procedure

In this section, we are explaining the most demanded procedure of getting the badge. So, have a look and follow the steps to increase the chances of application approval!

  1. Go the settings of your page, choose the option that says “General” and then, go to the “Page Verification” option
  2. There are several options but you need to click on the “Instant verification” option. In this method, you will get a call on the number that you have added on the Facebook page and you will be given the verification code. Once you enter the verification code, you will receive the grey badge and later, you can request for a blue badge as well
  3. In the other method, you will need to upload the government-issued documents such as the national ID to show the authenticity and legality of the business. These documents are reviewed manually by Facebook to ensure the minimum security breaches

How to Verify Your Facebook Profile

  1. Go to the home page of your Facebook page and click on the blue question mark present at the top right corner
  2. Now, select the option that says “Report a problem’ and from there, choose “Something isn’t working”
  3. Then, choose the “Page” option from the menu
  4. Now, write about yourself or your business in the textbox and write a compelling and convincing reason for why you should get a badge. There are many examples available on the internet which you can see and gain innovation from
  5. Then, add the clear images of your national ID in the screenshot section and submit the application

How Long Does it Take to Get Verified?

  • If you have requested a blue badge, three to forty-five days are the time period to hear a reply. However, you need to keep checking the support inbox for the official Facebook mail about the approval or rejection.
  • If you have requested a grey badge, two to seven days is the time period for hearing a reply from Facebook.

This was all about How To Confirm Your Identity On Facebook – The Important Hacks and we hope that we were some help to you. If you have any queries, reach out to us in the comment section below and our team will be here to help you out. Thank you!

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