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How To Hack Facebook Account With Facebook Password Extractor

Hacking the Facebook accounts is no joke and if you are caught, you can get in a lot of trouble which no one wants, right? So, one needs to use the right equipment and technique to be on the safer side. When it comes to hacking, there is a single rule “Get physical access to the machine or device and game over! So, if you want to hack the Facebook account without breaching the rules, we have added How To Hack The Facebook Account With Facebook Password Extractor in this section.

How To Hack Facebook Account With Facebook Password Extractor

This method is for the people who do not have the required skills and technical expertise to do the stuff manually. So, for this method, you need to have a few minutes with the device and you will get to know the password.

The “Remember Me?” Option

This option is recognizable to many of us and if you don’t, let us reminds you. So, when you log in to the Facebook profile through the browser, you need to log in every time which is pretty irritating. So, when you add the account details, you click on the “Remember me” option so that you don’t have to pinch in the details again and again.

This option is helpful because the password is stored somewhere in the computer and you just need to find the location. We have added the location links for the browsers in the section below.

Mozilla Firefox – If you are using the Mozilla Firefox to log in to your profile and click on the remember me option, the passwords will be saved at c:/Users/Username/AppData/Local/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/**.default/cache2/entries

In the screenshot below, the direction and password hashes are visible. These files include different passwords that are saved on the Mozilla Firefox on your computer.

The passwords and their locations will vary with different platforms and you will need to find that on your own.

Elcomsoft’s Facebook Password Extraction Tool

There are many people who cannot use the procedure mentioned above because let’s accept it; it is pretty difficult and time-consuming. So, to our fortune, there is an extraction tool launched by a Russian company.

This company has the cryptographers under their belt and they have been developing the extraction and password hacking software for long in return for money. The software are developed as the digital forensic tools but people have been using in alternate ways.

There is another software (for you guys) named as the Facebook Password Extractor.

Facebook Password Extractor

Through this software or tool, users can easily extract the password location and password file by adding this software on the device. If you don’t have access to the device physically, you can upload the extractor on their device and extract the data on your device. This software is easily available on the official website of Elcomsoft’s and the following browsers are supported;

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (up to IE9)
  • Mozilla Firefox (up to Firefox 4)
  • Apple Safari (up to Safari 5)
  • Opera (up to Opera 11)
  • Google Chrome (up to Chrome 11)

This extraction tool is becoming an absolute favorite of the non-tech savvy people because you just need it to upload it on the system and it will do everything on its own.

However, the software was first launched 2011 and there have been null updates and upgrades in it so, one needs to be patient with it.

This was all about How To Hack The Facebook Account With Facebook Password Extractor and we hope that you got the hack the account you wanted to. If there are any queries, let us know in the comment section below and we shall be here to help. Thank you!

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