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How To Verify Your Facebook Page – A Step By Step Guide

If you are a Facebook user, you must have seen that blue tick in front of the page name which made you wonder “Oh, this is amazing!” Cutting the long story short, that tick is surely fascinating and has many benefits as well especially if you are a business looking for portraying an authentic outlook. So, many people have been asking us for the ways to attain the blue tick for their page which compelled us to write this article of How To Verify Your Facebook Page – A Step By Step Guide.

Actually, the process is pretty simple as you will see in the guidelines below and you just need the right reason and great press to convince Facebook that you are worth that blue tick. We will talk about three things in this article because we want to cater to all our readers and not only the specific business group. Before we start with the guidelines, let us clear a misconception that you need tons of followers to earn the badge as it is completely untrue. You just need to prove your worth, so, let’s have a look at the guidelines to earn a blue or grey badge!

How To Get The Personal Page & Profile Verified With A Blue Badge

Before we start with the procedure, let us burst some bubbles for you. So, the first one is that only some group of people can get a blue badge and not all public. Those groups include the following;

  • Journalist
  • Government Officials
  • Famous Brands & Businesses
  • Media
  • Sports Companies
  • Celebrities
  • Entertainment

So, if you belong from any above-mentioned categories, there are higher chances that you will be verified with the badge. However, even if your Facebook profile does not match the mentioned categories, you can change the category to “Public Figure” through the About section in the settings.

You can also turn your personal Facebook profile into a page and all your friends will be shown as the likes. So, s if you are ready now, let’s follow some important guidelines to attain that much needed blue badge;

  1. You need to make sure that your content portrays professionalism and is of high-quality signifying high engagement rate through captivating images and it must resonate a brand feel
  2. This is an optional step but you can do it for increasing the chances. So, if you have an official website, you can link it with the page to portray authenticity
  3. When you open the About page, different fields ill open asking for some basic information as per the page category that you have added. So, you need to add the precise information to ensure faster learning of facts for your target audience. If feasible for you, add the address, phone number, official website, awards, and other bio information because the more information you need, the higher are the chances of application acceptance
  4. When you want to add the official website link on the Facebook profile, make sure you add the website that is registered on your name and don’t forget to make the page or profile public.
  5. Also when it comes to the follower count, make sure it is more than 500 before you send an application for the badge
  6. In older times, there used to be a form link which served as an application which one could use to send a proposal. However that doesn’t work anymore so, you will need to follow the following steps;
  • Go to the home page of your Facebook page and click on the blue question mark present at the top right corner
  • Now, select the option that says “Report a problem’ and from there, choose “Something isn’t working”
  • Then, choose the “Page” option from the menu
  1. Now, write about yourself or your business in the textbox and write a compelling and convincing reason of why you should get a badge. There are many examples available on the internet which you can see and gain innovation from
  2. Then, add the clear images of your national ID in the screenshot section and submit the application
  3. Then you have to wait for their response and if you have followed our tips precisely, you will get to hear from them in a day or two or at maximum, three days!

How To Get The Business Page Verified Through Grey Badge

There are numerous admonitions when it comes to verifying the business page but it can still be named as a simpler one as compared to getting the personal page verified. If you have selected the category of “Local Business, company, or organization” from the about section, you have higher chances of attaining a grey badge. If you have added the compelling cover photo along with the profile picture, you can see the eligibility options in the page settings.

As the grey badge is for a business, you need to add the phone number along with any verified proof of you running a business to get verified. Once you have made the page ready for requesting the badge, follow the guidelines below to earn a badge;

  1. At the top right corner of the page, click on the “Settings”
  2. Then, go to the “General” and then choose the “Page Verification’ option
  3. Tap on the “Verify This Page” option and get started
  4. Now, add the public phone number of the business along with the country of operation and the language
  5. Once you have added the phone number, click on the “Call me now” option and you will get a call from Facebook with your verification pin
  6. Write down that pin code and add it into the field and click on continue

Note: many people complain that they cannot view the option of “verify the page” and that is because the page isn’t eligible to apply for verification

Additional Tips & Trick To Get Verified

There are many cases that even after doing everything, the people are not able to earn the grey or blue badge. They are even spending a hefty amount of money on paid ads but all goes to the vain. In such scenarios, you need to get in touch with the Ad Account Representative and see if he can submit the request on your behalf. This is because it acts as an authentication and adds weight to your badge application.

Benefits To Having A Grey Or Blue Badge

Many people often as that if the badge is worth all those application submissions and request proposals. For such people, we have added the reasons which will answer all their questions;

  • Well, the first one is that you feel good about getting a badge; inner satisfaction and the ability to boast the badge
  • It adds weight to your business which signifies higher credibility. This tells the users that they are shopping or communicating with the real people
  • If you are a business, your client will get an image that you comply with the latest trend of going digital
  • The verified pages are at higher chances of popping up higher in the search results

What Not To Do?

There are many lazy people who do not want to invest time and efforts into requesting a badge rather they just buy it off, well you may get a badge but you will not earn that excitement and credibility will be at stake.

How Long Does It Take To Get An Approval Against The Request?

  • If you have requested a blue badge, three to forty-five days are the time period to hear a reply. However, you need to keep checking the support inbox for the official Facebook mail about the approval or rejection.
  • If you have requested a grey badge, two to seven days is the time period for hearing a reply from Facebook.

Why Was My Badge Application Rejected?

As we have already mentioned that not all the accounts, profiles, and pages are approved. So, if your application was rejected as well, there could be any reason from the following;

  • Your press isn’t adequate
  • You don’t have a position on Wikipedia which again demands a great press
  • Your reason to request the badge was not convincing enough
  • Your followers aren’t active or you don’t have sufficient follower base
  • You are not popular enough

Who is the blue badge for?

The blue badge is allocated to the media companies, public figure, and the famous business brands

Who is the grey badge for?

Grey badge is allocated to store locations and small-scaled businesses

Everything used to be very simple in the past but with the higher number of user base on Facebook, they have made their policies strict. So, this was all about How To Verify Your Facebook Page – A Step By Step Guide and we hope you earned maximum benefit from it. If you need additional help, get in touch with us in the comment section and we shall be here to help. If we were any help, share the article with your friends and family and help us grow. Thank you!

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