Jazz Balance Share Code – How To Share Balance Complete Method

In this webpage, we have elaborated the Jazz Balance Share Code which can be used by Jazz users to share balance from one Jazz SIM to another anytime and anywhere.

Jazz has made the life of its users easier by introducing this service as no one will be deprived of talking to their loved ones because of the unavailability of balance. You can share balance with your loved ones and have non-stop calls and communication.

Step-by-Step Guide to share Jazz Balance

We have added all the instructions along with the guide which you can use to share balance. The steps are as;

  • Go to the dial pad of your phone
  • Now, dial *100*9230XXXXXXXX*amount# i.e. *100*03005673402*45#
  • You will receive the confirmation message

Important Information

  • This service can be used by prepaid users only
  • Both Jazz and Warid SIM users can avail this service
  • The service charges of Rs. 4.77+tax will be charged from the account of a person who is transferring the balance
  • The minimum transferrable amount is Rs. 15 and the maximum is Rs. 200

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