Telenor PUK Code-How To Reset Unlock Telenor SIM With PIN Code

In this article, we are going to list down the available methods to reset and unlock Telenor PUK Code. You will not be able to access your phone and its functions if you do not remember the PUK Code after enabling it on your mobile phone. But before we start with the methods, below is the brief introduction of Telenor.

Telenor is basically a multinational telecommunication company based in Norway. Telenor is operating and providing its services worldwide rather than on a national level. Telenor has its operations in almost 29 countries and it owns networks in almost 10 countries of the world. They have the largest user base given that they operate worldwide. Their user base is said to be 225 billion as per the last survey in 2015. And after four years, the number has increased tremendously. They are the masters to exceptional services and bundles.

Telenor PUK Code and Resetting Methods

Each SIM Card has its own unique PUK Code and it is required at the time of switching on of your phone. In many cases, people do not remember their PUK Codes which causes a disturbance but there is always a solution to the problem. Same like that, we have listed down the methods to recover your PUK Code in order to use your phone again. Read below for the information of all available methods;

Telenor PUK Code and Resetting Method 1

In this method, just take out your Telenor SIM card box and turn it around, you will see the default PUK Code of SIM Card in the corner. Now, use this PUK Code to enter in the space where it is asked to you. Once you enter the PUK Code, you will be given access to your phone.

Telenor PUK Code and Resetting Method 2

The table down below will help you with the instructions to recover your PUK Code. Read up;

You will receive your PUK Code in a matter of seconds and you can use it to access your SIM Card and communicate with your special ones.

Telenor PUK Code and Resetting Method 3

This method uses texts to make you recover and unlock your PUK Code locked SIM card. Read the instructions below and follow them exactly to get the results; You will soon receive a message from Telenor which will have your PUK Code and you can use it. We hope that this article helped you at maximum. In case you are finding nay issues reach out to us through the comments section at the end of the page and we will assist you in each way possible.

Here Is Puk Code And Pin Number To Unlock Your Telenor Sim

Go to the dial pad of your phone
Now, dial *710# and a window will open in front of you
The, enter 1 for the PUK and PIN code related information
Now enter your Telenor mobile number whose PUK Code you would like to know and hit the send button
Go the message option of a phone and start typing a new message
Then, type PUK Blocked SIM Number
Now, send this message to 346

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