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Here in this article, we are going to elaborate zong balance Advance Code with the charges and tax. Balance advance service is basically the rescue service that every customer need in the shortage of credit. In case you are running out of balance you can get the loan by dialing the Zong advance balance code.

Zong has over more than 26 million customers, and zong is serving its customers with different services and packages. It is serving a wide range of customers by offering them an efficient network approach and low-cost packages. Other than the packages zong is offering Zong Advance Balance service to its customer, so that in up and down situation its customers may not come up with any difficulty. Zong advance service makes its customer enable to get the credit of some amount, at which the company as charges minimal tax as per the company’s policy.

This service is available to all networks, but it differs in the cost of loan customers get and the tax they pay on the return of the loan. Here below we will describe the Zong Advance balance Code and the procedure step by step. You will also get to know briefly about the credit you get and the amount you are required to pay back, including tax.

Zong advance balance

Zong is giving this rescue service to all its customers, who are deficient of credit. This offer is to make its customer feel relax and stress-free. You can dial the code and get the advance within a few hours.

Zong advance balance code

To avail the rescue service offered by the zong you are required to dial the zong advance balance code or the USSD code that is *911#.

Procedure to avail zong advance balance service.

Are you running short of balance? You do not need to get panic just follow the below steps and gt on the balance advance service.

  • Go to the dial pad
  • Dial the USSD Zong Balance Advance Code *911#
  • Once you are done with the request, made by zong Advance Balance code, you will get a confirmation message from the company’s automatic operator.
  • After completing the steps described above, you will get the advance balance of 20/- pkr
  • You can only avail this offer if your existing balance or credit is lower than 5 rupees.

What are the charges you will pay in return?

Whenever you will recharge your SIM, your load will be deducted automatically. After recharging the account you will have to pay this 20 rupees with some tax

The additional price you required to pay back, other than the loan amount 20 pkr, is rupees 3 +tax.

NETWORKservicePRICEzong advance balance code
zong advance balance of 20 pkr3.57 plus tax*911#

To get the loan through message

  • You can also send a text to 911 to get the loan
  • Go to the message window and type ‘Rescue’ and send it to 911
  • On the acceptance of the request, you will get the loan of 20 rupees.
  • Even if you send a blank text to the USSD code 911 you can avail this offer.

Company’s terms and limitations

  • This offer is for all prepaid customers
  • No postpaid customer can get this offer.
  • You can have the loan only if you have less than 5 rupees in your account
  • You can only get the loan of 20 pkr and you are required to charge your account at least within 30 days
  • You can procure the advance only once, this means that until you pay the previous one you cannot subscribe to this offer again.
  • The service charges are 3.57 pkr, on recharging your account the amount (20 + 3.57) of 23.57 pkr will be deducted automatically.

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