Telenor Balance Check Code- Balance Inquiry Code Updated

In this article, we will be discussing how to place the Telenor balance check query using the Telenor balance check code. There are many telecom operators and Telenor is in the high competition of the market. Balance inquiry is the right of every customer. if you have recharged your mobile account and you want to know the balance then you can simply dial the Telenor balance check code and get to know about your credit.

Telenor gives its users the convenience and approach to check the remaining credit on their subscription through mobile code.

How to check the mobile credit with Telenor balance check code

Well like every network Telenor gives you the liberty to check your remaining balance. Telenor lets you check your credit as well as remaining SMS, MBS and calls minutes.

These codes are available here, every Telenor prepaid customer, that are on djuice and talkshawk, can approach to these and even these options are available to all postpaid customers.

Step by step procedure to check the remaining balance

Check the balance of your Telenor Mobile connection with the following USSD code

the USSD code to check the remaining Balance is *444#

Simply dial the USSD code on your dial pad.

You will get the response from the Telenor. The company generates an automatic response.

What are the charges of dialing the USSD code?

The Telenor charges you at a minimal rate. You are required to pay as less as every company charges. On every call or request, you will be charged a few paise.

The charges are Rs. 0.20 Plus tax.

This option is for all the Telenor prepaid and postpaid customers.

code for checking remaining Balance price
*444#0.20 Rs

Terms and conditions

Here below are some company’s condition, on which they restrict the customers. The important terms and company’s conditions are as follow;

  • All Telenor Prepaid customers can use this option irrespective of what package they are on.
  • The prices are excluding all taxes.
  • You are required to pay Rs. 0.20 with tax.
  • Standard taxes would be charged on each transaction.
  • Codes can be changed by Telenor anytime!
  • Company’s Terms and Conditions apply and can be read on the Telenor website

Some other codes

Here are some other codes to check the remaining sms, call minutes and internet mbs. This is the special service Telenor is giving you, but on every check, you will have to pay the same charges

Code for remaining sms

You can check the remaining sms of your package by dialing *111#

  • You are required to pay Rs. 0.20 with tax.

Code for remaining Mbs of internet

To check the remaining internet mbs you are required to dial the USSD code *999#

  • You are required to pay Rs. 0.20 with tax.

Code for remaining call minutes

For remaining on net minutes you are required to dial the USSD code *222#

  • You are required to pay Rs. 0.20 with tax.

codes for remaining SMS, MBS of internet and call minutes

code for remaining SMS*111#
code for remaining internet MBS*999#
code for remaining call minutes*222#

That’s it on this topic. If you have any queries and any question you can ask in the comments below. Otherwise, you can visit our sites to get to know about Telenor sms packages, Telenor call packages, Telenor internet packages, and other Telenor services.


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